Lorraine’s TV and Movie Log

Hi Everyone,
For years friends have been suggesting that I keep a blog of my TV and Movie recommendations . This is my first crack at it, so here goes:

Shows I’m watching now – check your local listings and google shows to find out when and where they air in your local market

Masterpiece Theatre – just watched Breathless, a 3 part British series starring Jack Davenport and Sarah Parish, kind of a Mad Men set in the British health care system of the early 60’s

Coming up on Masterpiece: new Miss Marple episodes and new Inspector Lewis episodes

Boardwalk Empire – crime in Atlantic City in the roaring 20’s

Sons of Anarchy – motorcycle gang saga with sex and violence that astounds

Covert Affairs – espionage series featuring lovable female CIA agent

Dominion – outrageously insane TV adaptation of the Paul Bettany film Legion

Legends – Sean Bean plays a master of disguise secret agent

Rush – anti-hero show about LA doctor who will treat anyone privately for the right price

The Smoke – British firefighter show featuring James Bamber of Battlestar Gallactica fame

Under the Dome – Stephen King written show about a town mysteriously enclosed by a transparent dome

Ray Donovan – impossibly sexy and violent show about an LA fixer played by Liev Schreiber

Masters of Sex – stunning depiction of the lives of Masters and Johnson as they conduct their groundbreaking study of sexual techniques in 1950’s America

The Strain – crazily scary show that depicts a viral strain that turns people into vampires; scariest part – Corey Stoller’s hairpiece

Outlander – time travel piece where woman travels back in time from 1940’s England to 1740’s Scotland

Intruders – immortality anyone?

You’re the Worst – very funny battle of the sexes between two hipsters who are dating despite their worst instincts

Shows I will be watching when they return:

The Mindy Project – hilarious show about a NYC female gynaecologist played by Mindy Kalem

New Girl – Zooey Deschanel is adorable as a kind of updated That Girl in LA

Madam Secretary – might this be as good as The Good Wife?

The Good Wife – love this show: great casting, great writing

Gotham – love that Ben Mackenzie

Scorpion – looks intriguing

Sleepy Hollow – Tom Mison is dreamy as Ichabod Crane

Forever – Ioan Griffud gets a new series

The Blacklist – the great James Spader continues to intrigue

Person of Interest – Jim Caviezel continues to intrigue

Chicago Fire – dreamy firefighters in Chicago

The Middle – love this Midwest family

Modern Family – doesn’t everyone love this show?

Nashville – soapy stories with fabulous music

Scandal – ludicrously plotted and so repetitive in terms of relationship break-ups but I can’t look away

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Adam Samberg is awfully likeable in this as are his fellow cast members

Stalker – I can’t believe they gave Dylan McDermott another show!

Gracepoint – got to see David Tenant play American

Homeland – here we go again in the Middle East

The Flash – love the Arrow, so let’s give the spin-off a chance

Arrow – so proud of the Canadian lead actor Stephen Amell

The Walking Dead – for zombie lovers only

Grimm – for monsters of the week fans only

Elementary – Jonny Lee Miller rules as Sherlock Holmes in present day NYC!

Short movie list of recently viewed films:

The Trip to Italy – loved it, but I am a big Steve Coogan/Rob Bryden fan and loved the original

Guardians of the Galaxy – very funny and Chris Pratt is enormously appealing

The 100 Foot Journey – so predictable but so enjoyable

The Lunchbox – touching and funny Indian film that is as original and unpredictable as 100 Foot Journey should have been

The Selfish Giant – wrenchingly sad film about two British boys in Bradford who are doomed by their poverty

Finding Vivian Maier – a true mystery about a nanny/photographer who took tens of thousands of street photos in Chicago in the 40’s – 70’s that have only recently been discovered and exhibited


5 thoughts on “Lorraine’s TV and Movie Log

  1. Ray Donovan: brought to you by Ann Biderman of Southland fame. Now she’s doing Ray Donovan. I see a trend. Maybe she’s the new Shonda. We can only hope.

    The Strain: you lost me back when they showed that shot of the frozen monkeys, out on the ice (i.e. Episode 1, or did I actually stick it out to Episode 2). Did you notice that the Syfy channel is now the dreck channel? Since when is a series about zombies Sci Fi. Oh, wait. I get it. That’s why they changed the name.

    The Mindy Project – hilarious show … played by Mindy Kalem: Mindy Kaling. But, in truth its Vera Mindy Chokalingam so we can understand the abbrev’.

    Gotham – love that Ben Mackenzie: Hey, doesn’t everybody love Benji? We knew he’d be great as soon as we saw that first episode of The O.C.

    Scandal – ludicrously plotted … but I can’t look away: Well, now you won’t have to. Thursday night, ABC. All Shonda. All the way. Three prime time hours of Shonda. Either a hell of a mistake or the smartest move in programming this side of the SyFy channel.

    Stalker – I can’t believe they gave Dylan McDermott another show!: Yeah, neither can I. But, apparently not being able to act is not one of the criteria for not getting your own show. Now, if only Kelli Williams was available….

    Anyway, my $0.02 worth.

    Great to have you with us. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the new fall lineup, once it gets rolling.


    1. Looks great ! Now I don’t have to phone you to give me the “executive summary” on what TV shows and movies are all about to make sure I don’t watch anything violent and/or depressing 🙂


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