10 Shows you should watch on Netflix

Yesterday, I began my log of TV/Movies you should know about.  Today, I address Netflix for those of you who can access it.

  1. Justified – stars Timothy Olyphant of Deadwood as a Federal Marshall in Harlan County, Kentucky – the meth/oxy capital of the USA, apparently; intriguing modern western
  2. Boss – stars Kelsey Grammar as the ruthless mayor of Chicago with a health secret
  3. Hell on Wheels – stars a very handsome Anson Mount  and Colm Meaney as the evil railroad boss building the railroad across the USA
  4. Suits – great show about a young man with a photographic memory who successfully passes himself off as a Harvard Law grad
  5. The Fall – stars a very British Gillian Anderson as a detective tracking a serial killer in Northern Ireland
  6. Luther – great detective show with the wonderful Idris Elba
  7. Damages – stars a scary Glenn Close as a ruthless class action lawyer
  8. Call the Midwife – get out your hankies as you watch midwives in bleak 1950’s London
  9. Friday Night Lights – the best show about small town USA and high school football I have ever seen and I hate football!!
  10.  The Shield – most influential crime show which kind of gave birth to The Wire, Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Southland, etc.; very dark and powerful

3 thoughts on “10 Shows you should watch on Netflix

  1. For those of you who haven’t watched Homeland, it’s another good series – Season 1 and 2 are available on Netflix. Sadly I just read that Season 3 is only going to DVD 😦 Season 4 is playing on HBO.


    1. Good comment!! Remember that I was trying to limit my suggestions to 10 recommendations, but Netflix is a great way for people to catch up on shows that are well into several seasons. In Canada Season 4 will be seen on Superchannel as far as I know.


  2. The Fall got rave reviews and a couple of awards. I didn’t watch it when last in the UK as there was too much else on TV at the time – not always the case! Now I wish I had. Thanks for picking out all this good stuff, Lorraine – it’s great to have your show descriptions to go by.


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