Oh my gosh, it’s Sunday night!

I just finished programming my PVR for the week to come as many shows are returning and some new shows are debuting as follows:

Sunday night is a little crazy as the networks have decided to go head to head with many shows competing against each other for audience share, so timeshifting is pretty helpful if you can record or watch some programs in later timezones.

Tonight I’m recording:

  1. Masterpiece Theatre airing two Miss Marple episodes on PBS (8 – 11 pm)
  2. Ray Donovan on HBO Canada 9 pm
  3. Masters of Sex on HBO Canada 10 pm
  4. The Strain on FXX at 10 pm
  5. Madam Secretary on CBS 11 pm
  6. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver at 11 pm on HBO Canada
  7. The Good Wife at 12 am on CBS
  8. Outlander on Showcase at 1 am
  9. Boardwalk Empire on HBO Canada at 2:30 am

Crazy right?  And Walking Dead doesn’t return until Oct. which could push me over the edge.

Monday I’m recording:

  1. Gotham on Fox at 8 pm
  2. Sleepy Hollow on Fox at 9 pm
  3. Under the Dome on CBS at 9 pm
  4. Forever on ABC at 10 pm
  5. Utopia on Space at 1:45 am

Tuesday I’m recording:

  1. The Mindy Project on Fox at 9:30 pm
  2. Covert Affairs on Showcase at 10 pm
  3. Sons of Anarchy on Superchannel at 10 pm
  4. Chicago Fire on NBC at 1 am
  5. Forever on ABC at 1 am

Wednesday I’m recording:

  1. The Middle on ABC at 8 pm
  2. Legends on Bravo at 9 pm
  3. Red Band Society on Fox at 9 pm
  4. Nashville on ABC at 10 pm
  5. The Bridge on FXC at 12 am
  6. Modern Family on ABC at 12 am
  7. black-ish on ABC at 12:30
  8. Dominion on Showcase at 1 am

Thursday I’m recording:

  1. Scandal on ABC at 9 pm
  2. How to Get Away with Murder on ABC at 10 pm

Friday I’m recording:

  1. Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO Canada at 10 pm
  2. The Knick on HBO Canada at 11 pm

Saturday I’m recording:

  1. Hell on Wheels on AMC at 9 pm
  2. Intruders on Space at 10 pm

And then it’s back to Crazy Sunday again.

I may have overwhelmed you by the amount of TV I have recorded, but if it doesn’t grab me after the first 15 minutes or so, the erase button is always an option.

For those who are as keen on decorating as I am, I’m sending you the link to Houzz (my favourite online decor website) which is running a decor/TV story this week.  Enjoy!


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