More on why Sunday night is the busiest night for great television!

I don’t know how many of you watch CBS Sunday morning (airs 9-10:30 every Sunday morning), but yesterday’s program had a segment on the incredible busyness of  Sunday Night TV Programming.  I’m sending you a link to a recap of the show (it may be difficult to view a video in Canada) or you can try and find the segment on YouTube as CBS Sunday Morning apparently has its own YouTube channel.  By the way, I love this show and I consider it my Zen moment of TV watching as it is a wonderful magazine show with many segments on Arts and Culture. One of the first TV experts interviewed in the show runs a website called and he recaps TV shows.  He has now found Sunday evening so jam-packed with quality TV that he can’t cover all the programs he would like to summarize. Enjoy!!


2 thoughts on “More on why Sunday night is the busiest night for great television!

  1. If you want to have a real Zen moment on Sunday morning, you might try spending an hour watching “GPS with Fareed Zakaria” on CNN. Do this and you can probably skip “The National”, The Beeb and “The Journal” on DW for the rest of the week, plus a whole week of Al Jazeera to boot.

    Aunt Mona’s favorite show (and, Aunt Mona is never wrong).


  2. Ooh…real news on Sunday morning…can’t cope with analysis of current events…need poignant human interest stories and profiles that inspire…pop culture stories that include segments on film, TV and music. CBS Sunday Morning is like a sanctuary for me that I go to to get away from stories that depress the hell out of me. They may cover stories like Ebola, Isis, or the conflict in Ukraine, but somehow their point of view tends to inspire hope for the future or admiration for the people involved. I will record the CNN show more frequently, but I will not watch it until I’ve had my CBS Sunday Morning fix.


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