Shows I have to give up on

OK, in good conscience, I must give some advisories re shows I am no longer willing to watch as follows:

  1. Miss Marple – deadly dull (I still don’t care who killed the characters we don’t really get to know anyway; Julia Mckenzie, the current Marple is almost a cypher as a character; usually I’m enchanted by nostalgic English period mysteries, but I have to give up on this one).
  2. Under the Dome – indescribably awful, but if you’re even thinking of catching up with this one on demand, Netflix, etc., be afraid, be very afraid….
  3. How to get away with Murder – I hated this show; the great Viola Davis is forced to play a completely unsympathetic character who seems to abuse her law students; I can’t imagine that this show is grounded in legal reality in any way
  4. The Mysteries of Laura – absolute dreck; I have never been a fan of Debra Messing, but I actually feel sorry for this actress for having to play such a ridiculous character; I can’t imagine that viewers will stay with this ludicrous show
  5. Intruders – incredibly dark series about a secret society that enables people to become immortal; completely unlikeable characters and I no longer care if anyone gets to the bottom of this murky conspiracy

OK, On the bright side, this week on Netflix:

Happy Valley – a 6 hr series based in Yorkshire, England starring Sarah Lancashire as a police sergeant whose world is shattered when the man who drove her daughter to suicide is released from prison; a little Fargoish in its downward spiral plot as a mild mannered accountant devises a kidnap scheme that goes completely awry; lacks the black humour of Fargo, but it is very touching (I think the title is meant to be ironic)

Adventures in Downloading:

Million Dollar Arm – a Disney film about a sports agent’s pursuit of Indian cricket players as potential major league baseball players; Jon Hamm goes for a family rating and the music is by A.R. Raman who did the scores for Slumdog Millionaire, 100 Foot Journey, etc.

Downton Abbey – the most recent season debuted in the UK last week and I watched Episode 1 this week; I am having trouble with some of the iconic images; I can no longer watch the opening credits without giggling when the chandelier is being dusted; Thomas is still evil; Lady Edith is very sad; Lady Mary is still besieged with suitors who adore her haughty ways; Lord Grantham is still kind of oblivious to the modern world; Maggie Smith can amuse with the slightest arch of an eyebrow; you get the picture – same old, same old. No spoilers here as I know DA fans take this show very seriously.


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