If you are enjoying The Honourable Woman….

I realize that I only sent out an email blast re The Honourable Woman, an 8 part series from BBC currently airing on CBC Tuesday nights.  If you have missed the first few episodes, you can catch up on CBC.ca or CBC On Demand if you are a Rogers or Bell subscriber with On Demand features.  I confess that I have been able to watch all 8 episodes and I found it very gripping from beginning to end.

If you enjoy this series, I would also recommend the following series on Netflix:

  1. The Politician’s Husband.  I am a sucker for British TV dramas and I loved this one which is really about the role reversal between two British politicians when the wife’s career is more successful than her husband’s.  This will also appeal to House of Cards fans who love the intrigue behind the scenes of politics.
  2. I have mentioned Happy Valley previously in my blog  and I am about to start watching Southcliffe  and Hinterland, two other British crime series.
  3. George Gently. British period crime drama.  New episodes air on Thurs on our local PBS affiliate, but you can catch up on previous episodes on Netflix.

And now for something completely different on Netflix:

Lilyhammer with the incomparable Steve Van Zandt (familiar from The Sopranos and fans of Bruce Springsteen).  I absolutely loved the first two seasons of this show.  It is about a Mafioso on the run who is sent to live in Norway by the Witness Protection Program.  A great fish out of water story with much of the dialogue in Norwegian with English subtitles. Hilarious!

On Network TV:

This season, NBC ran a great little comedy called Welcome to Sweden which starred Greg Poehler (Amy’s brother) as a NYC accountant who follows his girlfriend back to Sweden (true story apparently although in real life Greg Poehler is a lawyer by profession).  His Swedish as a Second Language classes will make Canadians giggle as he realizes that many of his fellow students (especially the ones from Iraq) are vehemently anti-American and he masquerades as a Canadian, as a result.  Not yet available on Netflix, but it may be available On Demand.

On Cable networks:

I also loved a new comedy called You’re the Worst which is still running on FXX on Thursday night.  A very adult comedy about two hipsters in LA who meet at a wedding and begin to date (despite all odds).  Not yet available on Netflix, but it may show up at some point.  It has been renewed for a second season on FXX.  Very ribald.


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