Sunday just got even more complicated! Homeland returns

Two new episodes of Homeland are airing on Superchannel in Canada on Sunday from 9 – 11pm.  Sorry, those of you who do not subscribe to this channel will have to stream or download from another source. Also, a friend who just subscribed to this blog mentioned two PBS shows that I have really enjoyed in the past.  The latest episodes of Paradise are airing on Masterpiece Theatre on Sunday nights and George Gently is available on Thursday nights from our local PBS affiliate. George Gently is also available on Netflix for those of you who would like to catch up with this British period crime series.

For those of you who are watching Outlander, this Sunday’s show features the big wedding between Claire and Jamie.  It has been very romantic right from the start with this couple, but they are finally going to act on the incredible chemistry between them.  Woo hoo!

Don’t forget about Good Wife, Madam Secretary, Boardwalk Empire, The Strain, etc. if you are following any of these shows.  A friend was very annoyed with me for not reminding her to watch Red Band Society on Wednesday night.  I try, but honestly, the PVR is such a great tool for remembering to record favourite shows.  If you don’t have a PVR, maybe you need to diarize your favourites on your calendar (preferably an electronic one that will alert you to diarized events like your favourite shows airing). Just a suggestion!

I just returned from seeing Gone Girl directed by David Fincher.  If you have read the book, you may agree that the director did a great job bringing these characters to the big screen.  Ben Affleck is terrific and Rosamund Pike is in a breakout role as Amy. All the secondary characters are well cast from the venal TV commentators played by Sela Ward and Missi Pyle to Amy’s parents played by David Clennon and Lisa Banes,  Tyler Perry as Nick’s lawyer, Carrie Coon as Nick’s sister, Kim Dickens as the police detective, etc. Fabulous casting, and the script closely follows the book’s plot, streamlining where necessary. Loved it!


2 thoughts on “Sunday just got even more complicated! Homeland returns

    1. Cathie, if you weren’t so busy painting, looking after your grandchildren, and otherwise being very productive, you could be my proofreader. Note to self: read many times before posting.


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