My first international blog post

Writing to you from sunny Naples, Florida where the sky is blue and the temperature is in the eighties.  I have just programmed my PVR here to set up my usual Sunday recordings. I thought I would share my thoughts on some of the Sunday shows I have been watching and a recommendation on a show I’m looking forward to seeing for the first time.

  1. Masterpiece Theatre – Death Comes to Pemberley – shown in 3 hour-long parts on PBS, this is PD James’ sequel to Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.  Costumes, English accents, and murder…. Need I say more? Stars my two favourite British Matthews, Matthew Rhys (from The Americans) and Matthew Goode (from The Good Wife).  Could be a snoozefest but I will look forward to it regardless.
  2. The Good Wife – loving the new, more aggressive Alicia Florek and the twists and turns the plot is taking with all the characters; Diane Lockhart still has the best clothing and jewellery on TV!
  3. Homeland – not missing Brody one bit; fascinating to watch Clare Danes navigate her career in counterterrorism despite her bipolar disorder, total lack of motherhood instincts, worst love life ever, addiction to white wine and Ambien, etc. I’m enjoying the Islamabad setting and the slant the show is taking because of its immersion in this region.
  4. Boardwalk Empire – last episode on Sunday; it’s been a long road for Nucky Thompson and the few other characters who have survived all 5 seasons on this show; I found last season to be a bit boring but I have been riveted by the final season.  I will miss these folks and the depiction of absolute crime and corruption in the roaring twenties.
  5. The Affair – intriguing premise as the two lead characters each give their account of their ongoing relationship while being interviewed by police regarding a crime they seem to be involved in.  How amazing that these two British actors (Dominic West and Ruth Wilson) have been cast as quintessentially angst filled Americans.
  6. The Walking Dead – now in its 5th season, the show has veered in the direction of humanity this season, showing that the humans rather than the dead pose the greatest threat to each other; supporting players have been receiving much more attention and sweet Carol has now taken centre stage as a total badass.
  7. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – Oliver has emerged as a very engaging commentator on the insanity that is our culture: from discussions of elections, the GM controversy, net neutrality, immigration reform, LGBT rights, income inequality, nuclear weapons, payday loans, Scottish independence,  to Miss America, etc., Oliver skewers these subjects with great insight and humour; he informs and educates while making us laugh.
  8. Madam Secretary – this show annoys me with its neat hourlong solution to immense problems in a somewhat cartoonish way; last week’s episode where the Canadian ambassador was depicted as a bit of a boob, comic relief from the negotiations with Iran over nuclear capability, really offended my delicate Canadian sensibilities; I kind of like Tea Leoni (she has spunk!) but her “have it all lifestyle” seems too idyllic with the perfect family in the background; this show tries to tick all the boxes with a conspiracy theme  (who killed her predecessor?), romance among the co-workers, Leoni battling with her boss the President (played with a steely edge by Keith Carradine) and his scary Chief of Staff (played by all purpose villain Zeljko Ivanek).  It’s kind of a hodge podge of The West Wing and its rapid-fire dialogue and every other political drama that has ever been on TV.  Give me Veep any day!!
  9. Satisfaction – an intriguing start (debuted in Canada last week on Showcase); strangely reminiscent of Hung which starred Thomas Jane as a well-endowed fellow who begins a career as a male escort; stars Matt Passmore (hunky Australian from The Glades); deals with a marriage in trouble and the consequent actions of the couple; the pilot episode was fascinating and it will be interesting to see if this show can keep its momentum.

Happy watching everyone!


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