Just a few thoughts before I lose them completely….

Watched the first few episodes of Transparent this week.  This show is an Amazon Prime original content series and so may be a bit more difficult to find in Canada.  Absolutely loved it.  Jeff Tambor stars (familiar as Larry Saunders‘ sidekick, George Bluth on Arrested Development and a million other character roles in films and TV).  This series is about an LA family and their reaction to Dad’s decision to come out as someone who wishes to transgender from male to female.  Unbelievably touching and funny at the same time.

Watched episodes 4-6 of Downton Abbey Season 5.  Whoah!  Big revelations!  Romantic intrigue! Dark clouds still circling Mr. and Mrs. Bates – as usual!  Very enjoyable.

Caught Episode 8 Season 7 of Sons of Anarchy.  The suspense is building towards an explosive finale. So Shakespearian. Jax’s revenge actions in the wake of Tara’s murder are all coming back to bite him in the ass.

Boardwalk Empire’s series finale closes on a very satisfying full circle moment.  I am so relieved that Sunday night may be opening up a little bit.

Walking Dead finally closes the circle on the Terminus group.  The gang decides to split with some going to Washington, DC to work on a cure and the others staying with Rick.  Carol is mysteriously missing by the end of the episode.

The Good Wife has a bittersweet ending where Alicia assumes Will Gardiner’s office as the new firm moves into the now vacated Lockhart Gardiner premises.  Poor Cary is still the subject of a witch hunt by the States Attorney’s office.

Jane the Virgin is still sweet and lovable in tone despite the murder of a major character last week. I am seriously in love with the character Alba Villanueva (played by Ivonne Coll) who is the abuela (grandmother) in the show.  She speaks all her dialogue in Spanish with English subtitles.  This show manages to be charming and educational at the same time!  All the performers are endearing, even the villains.  Jane’s dad, character Rogelio de la Vega (played by Jaime Camil), is hilarious as a narcissistic star of a telenovela.  Canadians will recognize Carlo Rota (star of Little Mosque on the Prairie and many other character roles in films and TV) as Mr. Solano.

Reminder to watch Red Band Society tonight and the deliciously soapy Nashville.  I will be recording guilty pleasure show Arrow (starring Canadian actor Stephen Amell), and then the show about attractive young people in space, The 100, as well as my favourite comedies, The Middle and Modern Family.


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