Crazy Sunday just got even more complicated with the premiere of Olive Kitteridge!

I just caught up with John Doyle’s latest column in the Globe on Olive Kitteridge premiering tonight on HBO at 9 pm. He gives it a rave review:

I loved the book which was tremendously complex about life in a small town in New England with the very complicated character of Olive Kitteridge at its centre.  The TV story is told in 4 hours and I can’t imagine a better actress to portray the prickly Olive than Frances McDormand (Fargo, Laurel Canyon, etc.) Richard Jenkins (6 Feet Under, The Visitor, etc.) plays her gentle husband Henry.

As I can’t wait for On Demand to watch this show (and sadly our cable package here doesn’t include time shifting options) it means very difficult decisions have to be made on the other Sunday night shows I would otherwise be recording or viewing. Shows I must relegate to later watching include:

  1. Masterpiece Theatre – Death Comes to Pemberley
  2. The Good Wife
  3. Homeland
  4. The Affair
  5. The Walking Dead
  6. Madam Secretary (this show actually annoys me but I can’t look away)
  7. Satisfaction

I will be rewarding myself at 11 pm with Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO which I’m sure will take a close look at Tuesday’s midterm election here in the US.  This past week, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart had a great segment on US campaign finance which skewered Koch Industries’ shameless commercials about what a great company they are.  As they are the major financiers of prominent Republican candidates, the segment made no bones about how US public officials are bought and paid for by special interest groups through the PAC system of campaign finance.  The segment featured a spot-on parody ad of the original and seemed very much in line with John Oliver’s informative and educational examination of specific issues.  It would appear that the student has become the master as before hosting his own show, John Oliver was a reporter for The Daily Show for 7 years. Although Jon Stewart has never presented himself as anything other than a political comedian, this particular spot was much less glib than usual.

Overnight I am also recording the Los Angeles Jaguar Britannia BAFTA Awards  (BAFTAS are the British Academy Awards) which will air on BBC America here.  It will be hosted by Rob Brydon (The Trip to Italy, The Trip, etc.).  Usually very funny! In the past, Sacha Baron Cohen and Ricky Gervais have made hilarious appearances.

For those of you who haven’t yet discovered Jane the Virgin which airs tomorrow at 9 pm on The CW, you might want to give it a look.  A very sweet but devilishly funny parody of a telenovela. I will be catching up with Gotham, Sleepy Hollow and because I can’t look away, The Blacklist.

Enjoy this beautiful day!  Southwest Florida is having a bit of a cold snap (I’m not just saying this to make my Canadian friends feel better).  It was 10 C overnight and will reach a high of 71 F.  OK, I know I have mixed my Celsius and Farenheit but that just shows how confused I am.  There’s a cloudless blue sky and sun, perfect for beach walking!


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