Starting to take Sundays in stride

Now that I’ve been doing these posts for a while, my level of hysteria is starting to die down.  I’m no longer afraid of pushing the wrong key and deleting my entire post. It’s an unusually grey and blustery day here in SW Florida – perfect for snuggling in front of my computer.

A few thoughts on the past week’s viewing:

Olive Kitteridge aired in two two-hour segments this past week on HBO.  Very sad, but Frances McDormand’s face as this very dour hypercritical and judgemental woman was a wonder to behold.  I can’t imagine anyone else being more perfect for the role of this unforgiving and unyielding character.  The book was much more complex, but just as sad for those wondering if they should read it.  The Pulitzer Prize winning novel was a masterpiece of a portrait using the narrative technique of 13 different characters’ perspectives.

The Game debuted this past week on BBC America.  Loved this period piece that is a bit reminiscent of The Americans. It tells the story of MI5’s operations in the early 70’s in England shortly after the defections of Kim Philby, Burgess and Maclean, etc. when every spy service worried about moles.  It is very John Le Carre-esque, as it depicts the old boy network running England and the spy services, in tones of grey and sepia.  Very atmospheric! (Wed 10 pm BBC America)

Downton Abbey season 5 continues airing on Sunday evenings on ITV in the UK.  So enjoyable!  Society is changing and major events are unfolding in the lives of both the upstairs and downstairs characters.  Trying not to spoil it for everyone. (you should be able to find this online)

Masterpiece Theatre: Death Comes to Pemberley.  Loved the costumes and performances, but it was a bit snooze inducing for me.  Even with Matthew Rhys and Matthew (hubba, hubba) Goode.

Homeland: Incredibly intriguing.  Loving the story lines which are about spy craft, drones, etc. all set in Pakistan and the middle east.  Poor Saul is in a bit of a pickle.  However will they rescue him? (Sunday Showtime in the US at 9 pm)

Walking Dead: Oh my gosh. Two sets of survivors to follow again, not to mention Beth’s attempts to leave the hospital (Sunday 9 pm AMC)

The Affair: Love and death in the Hamptons told from two different points of view. (Sunday 9 pm TMN in Canada, 10 pm Showtime in the US)

My watch list for this week:

CBS Sunday Morning: my Zen experience for the week (9 am Sunday)

Fareed Zakaria GPS: my world affairs primer for the week (10 am Sunday on CNN)

Madam Secretary: can’t look away from this incredibly dumb show about a woman who can solve most world crises in 44 minutes (making room for commercials) (Sunday 8 pm CBS)

The Newsroom: can’t look away from this show that is making its season premiere today; I know people love Aaron Sorkin’s rapid-fire dialogue, but his shows always seem incredibly artificial to me with people making memorized long speeches delivered in rapid-fire monotones instead of talking like normal human beings (Sunday 9 pm HBO)

Masterpiece Contemporary: Worricker: Turks & Caicos – the marvellous Bill Nighy stars as a retired British spy in the Caribbean (PBS Sunday 9 pm)

Masterpiece Classic: The Paradise continues.  British accents and costumes=ecstasy! (PBS Sunday 8 pm)

The Good Wife: still loving it. Alicia, Diane, Cary, Peter, Kalinda, Eli, etc.  All still interesting to me! (CBS Sunday 9 pm – time can vary because of football)

Gotham: so fabulously dark with great new villains emerging weekly (Fox  Monday 8 pm)

Sleepy Hollow: got to love the fabulous Ichabod Crane aka Tom Mison as he adjusts to 21st century America (skinny jeans, texting, driving, etc.) after being asleep for a few hundred years (Fox Monday 9 pm)

Jane the Virgin: love this sweet tale of a young girl who finds herself pregnant after a doctor accidentally impregnates her using an in-vitro technique instead of taking a Pap smear (The CW Monday 9 pm)

The Blacklist: 1/2 season finale – can’t look away, despite evil genius James Spader’s droll wit and generally annoying qualities (NBC Monday at 10 pm)

The Flash: still giving this show a chance although his superpower still strikes me as a little lame (Monday 8 pm The CW)

The Mindy Project: still loving Mindy and her obliviousness to her own flaws; as long as she thinks she’s a goddess, she is one as far as I’m concerned (Fox Tues 9 pm)

Chicago Fire: hunky firefighters (NBC Tues 10 pm)

Person of Interest: hunky former CIA agent (CBS Tues 10 pm)

Forever:  immortal medical examiner (ABC Tues 10 pm)

The Middle: lovely midwestern working class family (ABC Wed 8 pm)

Arrow: hunky superhero (The CW Wed 8 pm)

The 100: attractive young people in space (The CW Wed 9 pm)

Modern Family: still funny (ABC Wed 9 pm)

Nashville: deliciously soapy (ABC Wed 10 pm)

Red Band Society:  despite its initial promise, I think this may have degenerated into a teens only show (Fox Wed 10 pm)

Gracepoint: so grim and sad (a bit like AMC’s The Killing for which I sacrificed many unenjoyable hours of TV watching). I’m only watching to see how the ending turns out as apparently, it will differ from the British original Broadchurch‘s ending (Fox  Thurs 9 pm)

Scandal: she looks great in white! (ABC Thurs 9 pm)

How to get away with murder: beyond ludicrous + the angriest black woman on TV (ABC Thurs 10 pm)

Elementary: incredible tension between Holmes and Watson (CBS Thus 10 pm)

Grimm: monster of the week show (NBC Friday 9 pm)

Constantine: murky and ludicrous comic book adaptation (NBC Friday 10 pm)

Bill Maher:  so politically incorrect (HBO Friday 10)

Hell on Wheels: love that Mr. Bohannan! (AMC Sat 9 pm)

Saturday Night Live: Woody Harrelson hosts (NBC Sat 11:30)

Set your PVR or Remember:  Monday – Thurs Jon Stewart 11 pm & Stephen Colbert 11:30 pm on Comedy); Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Sunday, times will vary depending on length of previous program, tonight – Sunday 11:15 HBO)

Recent Films:

Heading into the 4th and final day of the Naples International Film Festival which is a forum for mostly independent films.

Loved:  Song One with Anne Hathaway and Johnny Flynn (you will hear of this British actor/singer)

Hated:  Lovesick a lame film that was neither romantic nor comedic with Matt LeBlanc

Loved:  Like Sunday, Like Rain with Leighton Meester (of Gossip Girl) and a wonderful young actor named Julian Shatkin

This afternoon I’m off to see the final film, Alex of Venice (with Chris Messina, my fave from Mindy Project)

Happy TV/Film Watching everybody and have a great week regardless of the weather.  Remember, miserable days are great for staying in and catching up with great TV and movies!


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