Just a couple of additions to yesterday’s post

I totally forgot about Sons of Anarchy which is thundering towards its series finale.  So Shakespearean in its tragedy! Tuesdays at 10 on FX here in the US and on Superchannel in Canada.  Also John Doyle’s Globe column today announces the season two return of two wildly different British crime series:

Peaky Blinders (from the BBC starring Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Sam Neill, etc. available on Superchannel in Canada, while I will be finding it online in the US)

The Fall (also from the BBC starring Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan – from 50 Shades of Grey, available on Bravo in Canada, while I will be finding it online in the US)

Doyle gives a great analysis of Peaky Blinders in his column today:


If you haven’t watched season 1 of either series, I recommend you do so without further delay.  I suspect Peaky Blinders which is a little mad anyway, will be completely nonsensical if you plunge right into season 2.  The Fall is a much more traditional crime series, but the buildup of tension in season 1, as the police search for a serial killer, lays the groundwork for what is to follow.

Also, a little sad news re Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  He announced that last night’s episode, show 24, would be the last for this year and that the series is going on hiatus for the rest of the year and will return in Feb. 2015.  Catch up with it On Demand if you can.  The show is very topical, but because of the depth of their main stories, it may age better than Colbert or Stewart which deal with news stories on a daily basis.


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