Recovering from my Netflix binge watching

Streaming On Netflix:

OK, I must confess that Friday is a total blur as I watched all 8 episodes of Lilyhammer (Season 3).  I absolutely adore this show which is built around Steve Van Zandt (formerly of The Sopranos and Bruce Springsteen’s band) who portrays a NYC Mafioso who is relocated to Norway by the Witness Protection Program where he makes a new life for himself. His face just makes me laugh!

Peaky Blinders (Season 2) is available on Netflix. Possibly the most bonkers show on TV as it is a crime drama set in post WW1 Birmingham, England –  a British costume drama with relentless violence and modern background music. Cillian Murphy is the charismatic star and he and all the Peaky Blinders gang members sport very strange punky haircuts.  Anachronistic to the max!

My regular network and cable picks:

Trying to keep up with all my regular shows (check previous posts for the embarrassingly long list) which hasn’t been easy as I have had company this week and I don’t want to give the impression that I do nothing but watch TV, so I have had to be very furtive, appearing to be doing productive things while the telly is on in the background.  As a result, my TV watching has been very random and fragmented.  I think I have decided to pass on State of Affairs (NBC Mondays at 10) as it does seem very derivative. Still loving Homeland and The Affair. I’m not sure how much I love The Game (seen in the US on BBC America Wed. at  10). It is so John Le Carre.  Seems like it’s shot in black and white (although it is actually in colour) as everything seems very grey and murky.

Sadly, I haven’t been able to find The Missing a new BBC suspense series currently airing on Superchannel in Canada and Starz here in the US.  It stars James Nesbitt and looks very intriguing as it is about a child abduction and the police investigation that carries on for years afterwards.  I have also fallen behind on The Fall (starring Gillian Anderson) the crime series about a police investigation into a serial killer.

Internet film fare:

As a side note to the above comments on The Game, I tried to watch the film, A Most Wanted Man (from the John Le Carre novel, the last of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s films released during his lifetime) this week, and within moments everyone in the room was either asleep or consulting their devices for more engaging fare. If you loved the most recent film of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy then you will probably like A Most Wanted Man.  On the positive side, the fake German accents of most of the cast were unintentionally hilarious.


I have been very distracted by the weather reports coming from Southern Georgian Bay and Western New York.  George and I have been scouring the internet for updates on the Thornbury and Buffalo weather and we have been amazed by the viciousness of this early onset winter.  Drive carefully, y’all!!  You are in our thoughts.  To the skiers – enjoy, looks like you will be skiing before Christmas.


Looks like I will have one more post from beautiful Naples, Fl before we return to TO in early December.  Brrrh!!  We take another shot at Thanksgiving this week as we will be celebrating the US version with friends. Mmmm… more turkey and pumpkin pie.  Not to mention the madness of Black Friday shopping.  The  day after Thanksgiving when people are occasionally shot or trampled trying to find bargains in the run up to Christmas shopping.  So festive!


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