Homeward Bound

As our time here in Florida draws to an end, we’ve been a little preoccupied with entertaining guests, golfing and generally getting our last beach walks and shopping excursions in.  TV has really quietened down with many shows having midseason finales and not returning until the New Year.  So I will really miss The Good Wife, Hell on Wheels, Scandal and many more.  This week will mark the season finale for Sons of Anarchy, an amazingly powerful program with Shakespearean overtones set within a motorcycle gang drama.

This week will feature new episodes of Madame SecretarySleepy Hollow, Flash and Arrow (2 crossover episodes on Tues/Wed), The Mindy Project, Chicago Fire, Forever, The Middle, Modern Family, Nashville, Peter Pan Live!!!!, Gracepoint, The McCarthys, Elementary, Grimm, Constantine, Saturday Night Live, and CBS Sunday Morning.  Guilty pleasure confession: The Mentalist returns for its final season tonight (you Simon Baker fans know who you are!). We are heading into the pre-Christmas period where Christmas specials start to dominate the schedule.

On Netflix and/or available online for streaming:

We recently watched Begin Again on Netflix (with Keira Knightly and Mark Ruffalo), a sweet spirited film about making it as a performer in the music business in NYC.  We attempted to watch Night Train to Lisbon on Netflix (with Jeremy Irons, Jack Huston), a dreary European muddle about a teacher in Switzerland who impulsively decides to track down the Portuguese author of a book of poetry he comes across by taking the night train to Lisbon. Murky and impossibly slow. Also on Netflix, I attempted to watch A Long Way Down, (a British film starring Pierce Brosnan, Toni Collette and Aaron Paul).  I loved the book by Nick Hornby but found the movie a little too painful to watch as it’s a pretty unfunny comedy about a suicide pact.  Caught up with The Missing (child abduction mystery from BBC starring James Nesbitt), very sad and disturbing.  Also up to date with The Fall (from BBC starring Gillian Anderson and James Dornan – soon to star in 50 Shades of Grey), an intriguing tale about the pursuit of a serial killer in Belfast.  The Affair will air 8 episodes this season, so there is 1 more to go.  Homeland goes on a short hiatus with no new episode tonight but will continue to 12 episodes after the best episode I’ve ever seen aired last Sunday with a huge cliffhanger ending.

Hope everyone has a wonderful beginning to the Holiday Season this week.  We will be bundling up and heading back to The Great White North on Thurs.  Looking forward to catching up with friends and family!!


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