Still recovering from Peter Pan Live!!!

I’m still a bit queasy after catching up with NBC’s production of Peter Pan last week.  I was fortunate to be able to watch a recorded version (I know, kind of defeats the whole live experience, but I was on a plane when it was airing).  Although it was reportedly only 3 hours long, it felt like it lasted an eternity, and I have a sad feeling that I will never get those hours back. The horror of Christopher Walken’s lip syncing and toe tap syncing will stay with me for a long time. The fake British accents were at times quite laughable, but sadly the little 5 year old’s accent was impenetrable at times.  The costumes, the dancing, the makeup, were all so horribly retro. To say the pace was languid is to be extremely charitable.  Ugh a wugha, indeed!!

My apologies for not alerting people to the fact that The Walking Dead was airing it’s mid-season finale last Sunday.  I will not spoil it for those of you who haven’t caught up with it yet, but it has some surprises in it.  Sons of Anarchy is airing its absolutely final episode this week.  The inevitable happened last week with Jax and his murderous mother.  Someone’s going down for sure this week!  The Affair and Homeland both return tonight.  Homeland ended a couple of weeks ago with an explosive cliffhanger and people have been on tenterhooks ever since waiting to see how the show progresses.  The Affair has been off for a couple of weeks but returns to continue the story of this mismatched pair whose passion looks like it will burn everyone around them as it comes to light.

I don’t often watch Person of Interest as I find most of their plots involve people of no interest to me at all, but I did watch last week’s episode.  It was a total rip-off of the Liam Neeson movie Non-Stop.  I couldn’t look away as it hewed so close to plot points of the film.  I had found the film laughable in its melodrama and plot twists.  So amazing that plagiarism is celebrated in the entertainment industry, or perhaps no one else watched the episode?  Clearly what sells in the movies, becomes fodder for TV, as we go through cycles where there are a huge number of vampire, witch, werewolf and zombie series.  Family comedies that work get endlessly imitated (and celebrated in the viral sensation Too Many Cooks which you should watch on Youtube. This hilarious parody makes fun of all the tropes of 1980’s TV series and will have you humming the theme song which plays over an interminable opening credits montage.  The montage takes some hilariously dark turns as machete wielding crazed killers, nudity, animation, space creatures, cop shows, Dynasty/Dallas/Falconcrest, etc. make their way into the frame.)  My biggest fear at this moment is that we will be forced to watch tv series celebrating hobbit-like creatures.  I can get into Game of Thrones, but that’s as far as I go down the fantasy road. All the Hobbit movies make me snooze.

I got a big kick out of last week’s Flash and Arrow crossover episodes, and am intrigued by The 100‘s attractive young people in space story. Nashville gets cornier and cornier, but in a completely satisfying way with its Christmas show airing last week and the Deacon and Rayna love story rearing its head again.

On the BBC side of things, The Fall continues with its dark story of the hunt for a serial killer; The Missing continues with its dark story of a child abduction; The Game continues with its murky espionage stories of hunting for a mole in 70’s Britain and foiling a Russian doomsday plot.

Loved Grimm last Friday with its jolly Christmas episode of twisted elves (ok, I know they’re a bit like hobbits, but they were peripheral to the action and it is a monster of the week show, so hopefully they won’t become recurring characters); Constantine is still head scratchingly awful although the episode did deal with snake charming faith healers.  Caught this week’s Saturday Night Live with James Franco and Nicki Minaj.  It actually wasn’t as terribly unfunny as many recent shows have been.  James Franco completely throws himself into sketches and manages not to fixate on the teleprompter.  Nicki Minaj’s figure is not to be believed!! Vavavoom!

In the meantime, enjoy the other joys of the season.  Eating and drinking to excess and celebrating with family and friends.  It’s bittersweet being back in the cold. Wonderful to be surrounded by people we love, but how much nicer it would be to be doing it in warmth and sunshine. Do I sound old?


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