Christmas madness!

OK, I must explain why this week’s post is going to be a little light on content. The past week has been one of  catching up with old friends, celebrating with lots of friends and family, way too much rich food and drink, and not very much TV watching.  I haven’t even seen one single Christmas show featuring people singing traditional carols and creepy songs like Baby It’s Cold Outside.

The show that left the biggest impression on me this week was the series finale of Sons of Anarchy.  Very fitting ending to a very dark show.  I can’t say more than that as my son will be furious with me for spoiling the ending.

Biggest Netflix disappointment was definitely Marco Polo.  I had actually eagerly looked forward to binge watching this series which debuted in its entirety on Friday.  After a paltry 1 1/2 episodes I had to give up in defeat.  Didn’t really care about a single character on the show.  So slow….

Biggest Netflix pleasure was watching Season 3 of Silk.  A British legal drama about the intrigue within a London law firm.  Love the over-the-top relationship antics of the staff.  Intrigued by the difference between the British and Canadian legal systems where barristers can be both defence and prosecution lawyers.

Caught up with guilty pleasure shows on ABC Spark in Canada.  Both The Fosters and Chasing Life (which have been on hiatus for months) aired Christmas specials. So enjoyable and corny.

Tried to watch Serangoon Road on Superchannel.  A coproduction between the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and HBO Asia.  Although it stars Aussie heartthrob Don Hany and Chinese femme fatale Joan Chen (also on the dismal Marco Polo), I just never engaged with the plots or characters. I gave up in defeat.

American Horror Story continues its demented meandering through a freak show in 1950’s Florida.  It is an indescribable exploration of all kinds of madness as it depicts a world that is incredibly strange and twisted.  It is kind of a nightmare experience that I find difficult to look away from.  A creation of Ryan Murphy who is also responsible for the unbelievably sunny Glee series (OK, I may be the oldest Gleek around), this show has to be amongst the nuttiest ever to air on American TV.

The Affair continued with its complex depiction of a love affair between two mismatched lovers. Told by each of the two main characters, the story intrigues with its two different points of view.  Love the hunky yet clueless Dominic West and Ruth Wilson (previously a major villain on Luther) has a very engaging pout!


Homeland is having its best season in years.  It’s now set in the tumultuous environment of Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Carrie and Quinn are emerging as an unlikely pair of heroes who have decided to stay in the region to try and capture a major Taliban warlord who is responsible for decimating the staff of the US Embassy. Sorry, if this is a spoiler, but catch up you folks who haven’t had a chance to watch the last couple of episodes.  The show is absolutely riveting and suspenseful after a few years of being painful to watch.

Nashville had a wonderfully satisfying mid-season cliffhanger ending this week.  The guiltiest pleasure of all as Deacon receives a very worrying medical diagnosis and Rayna makes a last minute decision regarding her marriage to Will.  Juliet and Avery take a step they will likely come to regret.  Gunnar tearfully collapses into the fragile and quivering arms of Scarlett after receiving upsetting news about his paternity test results.  Deliciously soapy!

The Game (BBC’s TV answer to John Le Carre) wound up its first season with moles being discovered and disaster being averted.  Dark yet satisfying.

There are a few shows I have recorded but haven’t had a chance to watch yet, given all the appetizers, desserts and glasses of Christmas cheer I have forced myself to consume.  Hope everyone has a festive week, the calories and cholesterol be damned!!  Stay warm and drive carefully my friends and family.


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