Day 2 in Sydney with photo

imagePardon any typos you may see as this is my first time using my IPad to blog and it’s much more difficult to use than my laptop which George refused to let me bring as my suitcase was already ridiculously heavy. So here goes!

We arrived in Sydney yesterday morning and checked into our lovely room at theIntercontinental Hotel overlooking Sydney Harbour and the Opera House. We walked and walked yesterday, had fish and chips by the water, dinner at the Opera House and saw the best Beatles show ever at the Opera House Concert Hall which featured the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and 4 amazing singers. I am now going to attempt to include the picture of the view from our hotel:

I did it! Considering that I have been awake since 2:30 am and it’s now 9:15 am, not bad. We are off on a walking tour this morning and then a bus tour this afternoon. Bondi Beach is on the schedule and it was closed yesterday because of shark sightings!! I have told George to wake me on the tour this afternoon so I can get a shark picture. It’s sunny and gorgeous here. Unfortunately Australia is having a terrible drought and the bush fires are extensive in the area south of Sydney. Fingers crossed that we don’t end up in some sort of Thorn Birds conflagration. All for now as I must apply sunscreen before exposing my delicate Canadian skin to the 40 degree plus Aussie weather.


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