Day 1-3 cruise

It is now Day 2 of our 14 day cruise that is taking us from Auckland, NZ around both the north and south islands an then on to Tasmania, Melbourne and then Sydney. We had a whirlwind day of touring Auckland before boarding the ship. The standout (in addition to Auckland’s beautiful scenery, was the Maori Cultural show at the museum. Great singers and dancers (and warriors, of course). This was our first time being taught the Haka chant, the chant originally used by the Warriors to intimate their enemies in battle).
Day one on the boat yesterday was a full day tour of Tauronga including a tour of the Wai-o-tapu thermal wonderland full of bubbling geysers and hot springs. We also did a lake cruise that included lunch and a Maori cultural show where we were taught to sing the Haka chant a second time. We finished up with a tour of a bird sanctuary with gorgeous parrots, cockatoos, parrokeets, owls and of course, kiwis-the NZ national bird.
Life on board a cruise ship includes many rituals like Trivia Contests (in which my team placed second yesterday); gargantuan gourmet meals; afternoon tea time; evenings dedicated to meeting the Captain and Crew; and nightly after dinner entertainment. Last night’s main floor show featured a very talented Australian female vocalist who performed an array of bewilderingly obscure songs including Irish ballads, Filipino ballads, country ballads, etc. We left after the obscure country ballad, as I noticed that George had fallen sound asleep in his chair.
Today we will be touring Napier, a town that was destroyed in an earthquake in 1931 and then completely rebuilt in the style of that period which was Art Deco. Back on board the ship we will be having a ship wide block party where we are all encouraged to go out to the corridors outside our cabins and mix and mingle with our neighbours while being served cocktails and appetizers. The main floor show tonight is “Backstage Pass” to Broadway served up by two of the ship’s singers accompanied by the ship orchestra.
My review of all of the above will be in my next blog.image


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