Catching up with films on board the ship

Movie Review of films viewed on board ship. The ship actually has a terrific in room entertainment system offering up many films that are still on pay per view for free! I’m pretty darned happy to come back to the room after the nightly floor show and
have a look at what’s on offer.

The Drop
Stars Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini. Terrific film noir set in the underbelly of the NYC bar scene which is controlled by organized crime. Tom Hardy, English actor extraordinaire, gives a great performance as a gentle bar tender with a mysterious past.

A walk among tombstones
Liam Neeson does his usual performance as an older tough guy, but the revelation in this movie is the performance of Dan Stevens (sweet Matthew from Downton Abbey) as a hardened NYC drug trafficker who hires private eye Neeson to find his kidnapped wife.

John Wick
Incomprehensible action flick starring the great (insert note of sarcasm here) Keanu Reeves as a retired hitman forced to return to his old ways.

This is Where I leave you
Great cast wasted in this ensemble comedy about estranged siblings reuniting to sit shiva for their father. Great cast that is totally wasted includes Jane Fonda, Jason Bateman, Adam Driver,
Tina Fey, etc.

Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good very bad day
I loved this sweet natured family film with Steve Carrell, Jennifer Garner, etc. brought back memories of reading the book to my kids.

And So it goes
Terrible romantic comedy with Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton. So predictable and lame. I’ll never get that 86 minutes of my life back.

Dolphin Tale 2
So gentle and generic as family films go, but very sweet.

Get on Up
The James Brown story told in a very unchronological way, showing how his horrendously difficult childhood made him the artist and madman he became. Told in a very intriguing way.

If I stay
Sweet young adult film about a girl whose life hangs by a thread after a car accident and the choices she must make.

Life Itself
This documentary is very inspiring as we follow the life of Roger Ebert, film critic, from his early years, through his career with and without his longtime partner Gene Siskel. It documents his wonderful marriage and his heartbreaking struggle with thyroid cancer that takes away his voice, ability to eat and finally his life. His optimism throughout will stay with you. Tissues required, but it’s worth the tears. I thought this was one of the best documentaries I’ve seen this year.

One Chance
This true story of a winning contestant on Britain’s Got Talent is extremely sweet. James Corden (who will be replacing Craig Ferguson as host of The Late Show, following Letterman) plays Paul Potts, a chubby Welsh cell phone salesman who longs to sing opera.

The Riot Club
This film was adapted from the stage play Posh. It’s about a secret society of Oxford University students who party nonstop and celebrate debauchery. Very entertaining for the Anglophiles amongst us. Stars Max Irons (chip off the old block Jeremy) and Sam Claflin.


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