Sailing to Hobart on stormy seas

Yesterday the ship started its journey toward Tasmania where we will visit Hobart. Our departure from NZ took us around Milford Sound. The sound is a fiord in the southwest of NZ’s South Island. It is within Fiordland National Park, Milford Sound Marine Reserve and is a World Heritage Site and is an area of 12,500 sq kilometres. It is magnificently beautiful and looked exactly the way I imagined a NZ fiord to look. It is filled with waterfalls that thunder down sheer rock faces that rise 3900 ft.

After leaving Milford we started our crossing of the Tasman Sea and it has been a little rocky on the ship. The dining rooms are quieter than usual as people take to their cabins. This morning George and I attended a lecture on the peoples of Polynesia, followed by a cooking class on seafood conducted by the French chef who is responsible for all the restaurants onboard. I didn’t begin to feel a little dizzy and lightheaded until our ballroom dance class where the ship started bucking like a bronco.

After lunch George and I retired for a snooze. I took advantage of the quiet time to watch the amazing film Kontiki, a Norwegian drama that was nominated for an Oscar a couple of years ago, about Thor Heyerdahl’s thrilling expedition from Peru to Polynesia on an open raft to prove that Peruvians sailed to Polynesia 1500 years ago. It’s a wonderful film about courage, leadership and following one’s dreams. Highly recommended if one is making an ocean voyage across stormy seas. I could have done without the shark scenes as I think I was more scared watching them than when I first saw Jaws several years ago. There were no mechanical sharks in this film.

I have missed our mahjong game, but am hoping to make the trivia contest this afternoon (came in 3rd yesterday), and a Stretch class in the fitness centre.

After dinner and a floor show last night I managed to take in another film, Hector and The Pursuit of Happiness. It was a very gentle, meandering comedy most remarkable for Rosamund Pike’s performance as the most sympathetic and supportive girlfriend ever, in comparison to her terrifying performance in Gone Girl.


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