The Rainforest and more koalas

Today was an unbelievably full day. We headed to the rainforest area north of Cairns known as Kuranda. We first travelled on the Kuranda Scenic Railway through tunnels and over bridges and passed magnificent waterfalls and river gorges. We arrived at the Kuranda village in the rainforest which featured a beautiful Butterfly Sanctuary a  nd a world heritage market that featured handicrafts and gifts. We transferred to a Nature Park for lunch and an Army Duck Rainforest tour. We travelled on amphibious vehicles for a thrill ride through the rainforest where our guide pointed out different species of flora and fauna. We then attended an Aboriginal Experience with singing and dancing and then was followed by a Dreamtime a Walk where the performers coached us in throwing boomerangs,, hunting with spears and playing a didgeridoo. After that we were taken on a guided tour to see crocodiles, wombats, snakes, dingoes, Tasmanian devils, and a cassowary and we also had an opportunity to hand feed kangaroos and wallabies. We then boarded a spectacular Skyrail cable car that took us through the rainforest area from top to bottom passing panoramic views of the whole area. What a day, and did I mention the heat and humidity. Unbelievably hot. We did have a brief rain shower during our amphibious vehicle drive which was extremely refreshing!



3 thoughts on “The Rainforest and more koalas

  1. Get home and get your star gazing pal organized for a summer event! I like that idea! And you’re exhausting me with your movie reviews, go look out the window and enjoy the scenery ……. see you soon.


    1. I watched movies while we were supposed to be napping during our stormy crossing days! They wouldn’t even allow us on the decks as the risks of being washed overboard were so high. Stop scolding me!

      Sent from my iPad



    2. By the way, Cairns is having the hottest day on record 39 degrees with the humidex. Writing to you from our lovely pool. We spent the whole morning walking the beach and strolling around town. So there! I shall now attempt to take a picture and send it to you.

      PS-there were 5 stormy cruise days on board ship, plenty of time to watch movies, attend cooking classes, ballroom dancing, play trivia, attend lectures, watch floor shows, and amaze all my new cruise friends with my blog as they were fascinated to read my recaps (movies included).

      By the way, Feb 22 is Academy Awards and you & Ken are cordially invited to watch with us. Sent from my iPad



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