How the other 90% lives!

This week’s blog is the polar opposite of last week where I confessed to having watched all 13 hours of Bloodline on Netflix on its debut weekend.  As I was entertaining visiting friends this week, I actually didn’t watch TV (aside from a few stolen moments in the privacy of my bedroom where I furiously caught up with Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore most nights).  I have come to realize since beginning this blog last fall, that most people I know don’t watch much TV at all!  In fact, not only are most of my friends too busy to watch TV, they are also too busy to read my blog!!  That’s why, I called this week’s blog, “How the other 90% lives!” As a result of missing TV for a week, yesterday was a blur of catching up with some recorded programming but there is much more catching up to be done before I will have been able to clear my PVR.

So far, I am up to date with The Good Wife, Justified, Arrow, Vice, CBS Sunday Morning , Bill Maher, The Slap and IZombie, but have yet to watch last night’s season finale of The Walking Dead, Dig (I like to flick it on during nap times, as for some reason, it sends me directly to dreamland), Scandal (which has descended to the level of pure dreck/totally guilty pleasure), The Blacklist (starring James Spader in total William Shatner ham mode), The Flash, Better Call Saul, and The Following (OK, I am totally ashamed of myself for tuning into this gorefest).

I almost missed last night’s season debut of Call The Midwife on PBS which I totally adore.  This show always makes me cry, and last night’s story of neglected children was no exception.  There’s a new character who looks like she will be a wonderful addition to the cast as an inexperienced midwife joining the house.

Also debuting last night was HBO’s much heralded documentary on Scientology called Going Clear.  I am recording it tonight and am looking forward to it as it has been widely praised for its revelations about this very peculiar science fiction based religion.

Also making its debut this tonight on PBS is Ken Burn’s latest documentary called Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies.  John Doyle gives it a rave review in his Globe column today:

Again, I remind you all to remember that the very last episodes of Mad Men will begin airing next Sunday April 5. If you haven’t watched this show yet, now is your chance to catch up on Netflix, On Demand or whichever way you please. I’ve really enjoyed this series for its portrayal of the late 50’s through mid 60’s time period.  It’s been a great exploration of changing attitudes towards women in the workplace, marriage, sexuality, politics, etc.  The development of its main character, Don Draper, has been fascinating in its nuanced and subtle layering.  Every season has revealed a different aspect of this mysterious man.  He is much more complicated than most lead characters and this show has definitely influenced many ensuing programs which feature complicated story lines with lead characters who are not necessarily good people.


2 thoughts on “How the other 90% lives!

  1. Hi Lorraine 🙂 You are right that I don’t watch as much TV as you but probably because we don’t have HBO, Netflix etc. etc. Just good old Rogers cable. We are addicted to all the Public TV series we get and tape a lot of them because we are usually up north and can’t seem to stay up to see them. Sigh 🙂 As I said in my last post, I do enjoy hearing your views on the various media you are reviewing and think you should have a newspaper column or some such for wider viewing. Enjoy the remainder of your time down south. It is finally starting to melt here. Cheers, Charlene


    1. I so love that you are reading my blog. I really appreciate your thoughtful comments. I believe Rogers has introduced a streaming service called Shomi for those who don’t have Netflix, Amazon, etc. Check it out and you will be able to access some great series like Mozart in the Jungle, Transparent, etc.if you get a chance to watch Bloodline, go for it, even if you have to watch with friends who have Netflix! It’s that good.

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