Mainstream TV watchers are OK too!

After reading a column this morning, I realize that most avid TV watchers watch very different programming than I do. Here’s their list of the most popular shows on TV right now:

Arrow – a pure guilty pleasure show for me and it stars a handsome Canadian!

Game of Thrones – returning next week – seriously sexy, violent and addictive epic fantasy series

Marvel’s Agents of Shield – super heroes and villains; I stopped watching in Season 1 only because I was already watching too many shows in this genre

Grey’s Anatomy – watched this season 1 and then gave up as it seemed to be retreading story lines and romantic relationships

Coronation Street – although my family has always loved this show, even the theme music (seriously depressing) has turned me off; every time I have tuned in, these northern Brits are always gossiping in the pub. Seriously, don’t people find this repetitive?

The Vampire Diaries – watched in season 1 and gave up as I already cared far too much about what happened to the vampires on True Blood

The Big Bang Theory – have never watched, but I know it has millions of devoted viewers

Supernatural – watched this in seasons 1 & 2 and then got tired of some of its ongoing story lines; have always enjoyed a monster of the week format though

How I Met your Mother – I never watched this show, but I know people were seriously addicted and it will live on in reruns forever

Once Upon a Time – I watched it in season 1 and then found it got a little repetitive and was perhaps aimed at a pre-teen audience

Criminal Minds – I have found this show to be a little more depraved in its exploration of deranged minds and to be a little more disturbing than I am comfortable with as its such a formulaic show; I have wondered if deranged people look on it as a manual for how to commit grisly murders

The Blacklist – a guilty pleasure of mine, I always root for Tom Keene to keep reappearing

The 100 – OK, I love this post-apocalyptic drama for its depiction of attractive young people seeking to resettle earth

The Mentalist – Simon Baker won me over with his adorable dimples way back with The Guardian; I lost interest in this show when it repeatedly went back to the ludicrous Red John storyline

The Good Wife – I think this is one of the best written and best acted shows on TV

NCIS– way too formulaic for me

Vikings – enjoyed the first 2 episodes and then never seemed to be able to follow this show

Castle – another show starring an adorable Canadian, but I stopped watching after the first year or so as I really didn’t care about solving their crime cases; got to love Nate Filion though!

Revenge – watched in season 1 but it got way too ludicrous and repetitious for me

Bones – watched season 1 because of my David Boreanaz fixation from his Buffy days; this mystery series got too repetitious for me very quickly

If you want to read the rest of the column (which goes on for pages and pages) you can find it on:

As for my current TV watching, it’s Sunday night madness again.  I am looking forward to tonight’s Mad Men return on AMC and all my usual Sunday night faves including Call the Midwife, The Good Wife, the debut of Wolf Hall on PBS Masterpiece Theatre at 10 pm, and a new episode of John Oliver This Week Tonight on HBO at 11 pm.

George and I finally caught up with the film Force Majeure this week, an intriguing French Swedish coproduction about a vacationing family in France for a ski trip who have to come to terms with Daddy’s cowardice in the aftermath of an avalanche.

I am looking forward to the Season 2 debut of Outlander, the impossibly sexy story of the Scottish Highlands (Canadians can watch on Showcase) which I will be streaming this week.

This is our last week in Florida and so far we’ve been filling it with as much beach, pool and golf time as possible.  We start our drive home in 1 week and are looking forward to seeing friends and family soon.  In the meantime, Happy Easter everyone!


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