Back to reality…

George and I had a wonderful drive home from Florida and managed to spend 2 days in beautiful Charleston, SC on the way.  A highlight was a walking tour of Charleston with a terrific guide who gave us a real taste of southern viewpoints on the Civil War, states’ rights, cultural differences between the North and the South, etc.  The city is full of beautifully restored Colonial architecture and is a paradise for foodies with great restaurants everywhere.  We stayed in a very charming B & B which featured a wonderful breakfast and afternoon tea.

I had lots of responses to last week’s blog re my 13 hour investment in Daredevil on Netflix.  George reminded me that he made a 4-day/16 hour investment in watching The Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, GA last weekend.  So there!  We are ideally suited for each other in our opposite obsessions!  We complement each other which is especially convenient  when you have two TVs to watch.

I did manage to catch up on a little TV on the way home and saw the final episode of Justified on FX.  Nicely done and very satisfying in its catch up epilogue. Gotham on Fox returned last Monday and I managed to see only a bit of the show before falling into a coma (through exhaustion rather than boredom).  Arrow on the CW had a cliffhanger ending with Thea’s life in the balance and Oliver pondering his new direction. Nashville on ABC had an epic episode with Christina Aguilera making her debut, the hapless Teddy getting ensnared in his own misdeeds, Deacon coming to terms with his illness, Avery and Juliette struggling with being new parents, etc.  Still watching Elementary on CBS because I get a kick out of Jonny Lee Miller no matter how inane the plot may be.  Caught Scandal on ABC which amuses me with its outstandingly ludicrous plot lines.

I did watch the season debut of Game of Thrones on HBO last week and look forward to the unfolding of the plot in future episodes.  Jon Snow seems to be ascending in his relationship with the Wildlings, Daenerys seems to have lost control of her dragons, Tyrion has emerged from his box, Cersei is as nasty as ever, Jaime is the soul of reason, Littlefinger seems to be up to no good, etc.  A good update of most characters.

The Good Wife on CBS gets more and more complicated as poor Kalinda seems about to take a fall, Alicia is under scrutiny for election misconduct, etc.  Still interesting!

Mad Men on AMC is very melancholy this year.  Don keeps making the same mistakes with women and seems haunted by all his previous relationships.  Good news for me is that the execrable Jessica Pare as Megan Draper seems to be fading into the background as they move on with their divorce. Peggy is moving on with her romantic life. Pete Campbell is still peevish.  Aaron Staton as Ken Cosgrove gets the ultimate revenge. I’m still intrigued at how this show is going to end its final season.

Call the Midwife on PBS is still incredibly moving and each episode has me in tears with its depiction of the poor souls of East London dealing with a host of medical, financial, and social issues.

I’m trying to hang in with Wolf Hall on PBS but it does make me very sleepy.  I guess I just don’t care that much for the intrigues of Henry VIII’s court and his leaving the Catholic Church for the charms of Anne Boleyn in his efforts to produce an heir. Mark Rylance as Thomas Cromwell is one of the least charismatic actors who might have been cast. Damian Lewis fails to charm as Henry VIII.  Having real difficulty staying with this one.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO has really established itself as a funny, intelligent current events show that both informs and amuses.  I did nod off during last week’s look at the IRS, but again, that could have been exhaustion rather than boredom.

Bill Maher’s Real Time on HBO is beginning to wear on me with his incredible snarkiness toward anyone he disagrees with.  His pro legal marijuana stance was a big part of Friday’s show as he promoted a mock campaign to make 4/20 (April 20) a National Holiday for those who enjoy smoking pot, based on the legend that a group of Northern California high school students would meet up after school every day at 4:20 to smoke.

Vice on HBO is an intriguing look at current events and continues to tell uncomfortable truths about stories dealing with contemporary issues like drugs, the environment, immigration, etc.  Very thought provoking.

Still trying to sort out my Sunday evening viewing as there really are so many worthwhile shows on at the same time.  I will have to use on demand functions to watch Silicon Valley and Veep on HBO, Outlander on Showcase, Salem on Space, etc.  So much to watch, so little space on the PVR!  Have a wonderful week!!


2 thoughts on “Back to reality…

  1. Nothing mentioned about Broadchurch – we started watching on Nicole’s recommendation and really enjoying it.


    1. Watched the British original a couple of years ago (Season 1). Didn’t like the American remake nearly as much. I know Season 2 aired earlier this spring, but I have lost track and haven’t gotten around to watching it. Very dark!


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