Before I forget…

I have to say, before going into my recommendations for this week, that last night’s Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer was very touching.  I had wondered how he could possibly subject himself to public scrutiny as he goes through his transformation and to my mind Jenner is incredibly brave.  He said that part of his motivation is to save lives.  There are many teenagers and very vulnerable people dealing with gender issues that he hopes will be encouraged and inspired by his experience.  He truly is an Olympian.  I was a bit perturbed by his confession that he is a Republican, which seems somewhat incongruous given the socially conservative bent of many Republicans.  However, if he can use his very public profile to influence prominent conservatives to be more tolerant and open minded, then perhaps his political stance will be very beneficial to the transgendered movement.

I must apologize for forgetting to remind people that last week’s The Americans episode was the season finale.  Incredibly suspenseful with many developments and revelations.

Arrow, Gotham and The Flash all had great episodes with big moments and lots of advancement of their story lines.

Anyhow, back to my recommendations for the week:

CBS Sunday Morning, Call the Midwife, Mad Men, The Good Wife, Game of Thrones, Veep, Silicon Valley, Nurse Jackie, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, The Night Shift, Chicago Fire, Outlander, American Odyssey, and Salem are all competing with each other for audiences on Sunday.  Premiering on CraveTV this Sunday evening is a new series called Happyish with Steve Coogan (Philomena, The Trip, etc.) Oh woe is me!!  I do not subscribe to that streaming service and will have to find the show online.

Forever, Nashville, The Middle, Modern Family, Scandal, Elementary, Father Brown, and The Blacklist, American Crime, Grimm, Bill Maher and Vice are all midweek favourites for me.

I actually attended a film yesterday (haven’t seen many on the big screen lately) and thoroughly enjoyed Woman in Gold.  Although my husband had reservations re Ryan Reynolds’ performance as a struggling lawyer, I loved the film.  Helen Mirren is wonderful as the octogenarian Austrian woman attempting to regain possession of the famous Klimt portrait of her Aunt Adele that was stolen by the Nazis.  This is a feel good film of the variety that I usually denigrate, but I did enjoy this one.  It is based on a true story and I was especially fond of this one because I had visited the Neue Gallerie in NYC last summer and had viewed the Klimt portrait, so I felt a real sense of joy at seeing this story brought to the screen.  It is a great depiction of an underdog going up against a powerful opponent.  Although most audience members know the outcome of this story from the beginning, it is sensitively and suspensefully told and I was totally immersed in it.

On the small screen this week, I watched the film Mr. Turner about the revered British landscape artist.  This is exactly the type of film that needs to be seen in an actual theatre as its elegiac pace is far too conducive to afternoon napping when viewed from the comfort of one’s own down-filled couch.  This is truly an art film which conveys the creative process of an artist who became renowned for the use of light in his paintings.  Sadly I snoozed through almost the whole film but managed to get a sense of what an innovator Turner was.

On the other hand, I also happened upon the film The Guest on Superchannel.  For those of you who are still mourning the loss of Matthew on Downton Abbey (played by Dan Stevens), you must seek out this little suspense film.  Stevens plays a returning Iraq war veteran who insinuates himself into the home of a dead war buddy’s family.  The slow reveal in this film, as Stevens exposes the true colours of his character, is a joy to watch, especially if you enjoyed Stevens’ very likeable performance on Downton.  He couldn’t portray a more different character and he has been working out and losing weight in all the right places. As with his drug dealer character in A Walk Among the Tombstones (known primarily for featuring one of James Gandolfini’s last performances), Stevens is making a real attempt to show that he has range. I like!!

Enjoy the week!  Spring looks like it is just around the corner.


4 thoughts on “Before I forget…

    1. Oh so sorry Grey’s Anatomy fans, but I stopped watching that show several years ago. I did read some reviews of this episode and they were very favourable. Apparently Shonda Rimes actually wrote this one which is unusual as she hadn’t written a GA episode in 3 years. I did love Mcdreamy and will look forward to seeing Patrick Dempsey in whatever he appears in next.


  1. Saw Woman in Gold last night with a friend from out of town and we both enjoyed it very much. I thought that it would be slow, but the tension remains throughout even though you know the ending. Interesting comments on the Austrians who welcomed the Nazis. Took me a long time to recognize Cora from Downton Abbey as the judge. Her voice was SO familiar. Also, I thought the final scenes in the apartment could have been cloying, but were very moving. Am also enjoying the 2 British police shows on PBS Thursday night…. Scott & Bailey (Manchester) and Whitechapel. Great dialogue.


  2. I do love Rupert Penry-Jones on Whitechapel. He is also superb on Silk and Black Sails and of course, Spooks (aka MI-5). One of my favourite British actors. So glad you enjoyed Woman in Gold. I was also tickled to see Elizabeth McGovern pop up as a judge. She has range!


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