Scotland Days one and Two

After a very smooth flight to Glasgow, via Air Transat Club class, we were picked up at the airport and taken on a rather bleary eyed tour of Glasgow by our tour company, Royal Scottish tours. With a stop at the National Museum and the Glasgow Cathedral I must admit that the soothing bus motion and engine hum seemed to cause some sort of narcolepsy in me yesterday. 

Today we headed south of Glasgow to Ayrshire to visit Robert Burns country. Burns is revered in Scotland for his poetry and songs. The birthplace site in Alloway consists of a museum, beautiful monument and park, the original Burns family cottage, gorgeous walking paths, lovely church and an old bridge called Brig O’Doon which is celebrated in Burns’ epic poem Tam O’Shanter.
From Alloway we continued south to Culzean Castle & Country Park. Donated to the National Trust in 1945 this beautiful estate is open to the public. Originally a medieval tower, over the years this home was rebuilt to house the Kennedy family. It is a grand country house and features a magnificent Oval Staircase and interiors designed by the architect Robert Adam.
Glasgow Cathedral

Culzean Castle


We discovered the glories of British Television last night as we channel surfed between the Eurovision Song Contest (perhaps one of the most bizarre TV shows I’ve ever scene as countries around the globe compete with original huge production numbers to win this coveted prize) and Britain’s Got Talent. In desperation we watched Kingsman, a crazy action espionage film starring Colin Firth and Michael Caine. Over the top mayhem but very enjoyable in its own way.


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