Thursday in St. Andrews, Falkland and Edinbirgh

We departed Perthshire for Edinburgh and the Kingdom of Fife. Our first stop was in the lovely medieval town of St. Andrews, home of Scotland’s oldest university and the capital of golf. There were many historic sites here of churches and the original cathedral all framed beautifully by the town’s location on the sea. After lunch we headed to Falkland to visit the village and the palace built by King James V in 1539. It became a favorite retreat of the Stuart dynasty including Mary Queen of Scots. Beautiful gardens, the oldest tennis court in Britain and very entertaining and knowledgeable guides including one who talked about an encounter with Prince William who stopped by to check out a piece of real estate he’d be inheriting some day. At the end of the day we checked into the Roxburgh Hotel in Edinburgh and after a short walk around our hotel district, we headed off for drinks and dinner at two spiffy spots, The Dome and Continis.
Ruins of the original cathedral in St. Andrews    
Bank of Scitland building in Edinburgh



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