Giants’ Causeway and Derry

What a terrific day we had today! We left Belfast on a sunny morning and made our way along the north coast of Ireland through a beautiful national park and on to the Giants’ Causeway, an incredible rock formation that looks like the work of giants that is the result of ancient volcanic activity. After wending our way past the ruins of Dunluce Castle and through many picturesque villages we arrived in Derry (formerly Londonderry). Here we had the most fascinating local guide I can ever recall. Ronan Macnamara was a half Chinese/half Irish teacher, who was able to explain the “Troubles” of Northern Ireland to us in a touching and meaningful way. We walked through the old town with him as he pointed out historical points of interest. With his mellifluous voice and extremely charming manner he made history come alive for us as he took us through the ages in this town that was the flashpoint for the beginnings of the conflict filled years of the 70’s through the 90’s. He shared his hopes for his children and for the future of Northern Ireland with us so that we were able to end our tour of the despairing and bleak northern part of the country on an optimistic note before crossing the border into neighbouring Donegal and beginning our tour of Eire as the Irish call the Republic of Ireland.
  The Giants’ Causeway



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