Correction to last post

OMG, a friend has graciously pointed out that it’s Graceland not Southland (a fine cop show featuring Ben Mackenzie from The OC and Gotham).  Also, I believe I failed to mention that Falling Skies returns to Superchannel this week.  Also, I will actually be away in Cape Cod for the next week or so, so you are on your own figuring what to watch or not watch on TV this week!  For heaven’s sake, go out and enjoy summer, should this rain ever stop.  I think I have finally OD’d on TV and Internet surfing.  I thought this day would never come, but cabin fever has set in!


2 thoughts on “Correction to last post

  1. Watched Borgen on your recommendation last night and really enjoyed it. Have found the earlier episodes on TVO online and will watch them if I can read the translation on my laptop (no smart TV). That’s the only downfall…. I want to do other things and listen to the dialogue once in awhile and have to keep my eyes on the subtitles! Thanks for the great tip. Enjoy the East Coast.


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