Cape Cod travels and summer TV

In summary form these are the shows I am watching currently:
The Last Ship – on Space Channel, entertaining post apocalyptic sci fi about a world struggling to survive a devastating virus
The Whispers – on ABC, Steven Spielberg project about an imaginary friend (possibly of alien origin) who induces children to commit terrible acts
Nurse Jackie Finale – on HBO Canada, Edie Falco makes her exit after 8 seasons in this wonderful show
Penny Dreadful – on HBO Canada, the madness of Frankenstein monsters, werewolves, witches, vampires and Dorian Grey continues
Zoo – on CBS, hilariously awful. Particularly enjoyed the kitty cats in the tree waiting to pounce on school children.
Humans – on AMC and  available on Rogers on demand this series is about androids that have human emotions
Under the Dome – on CBS, possibly the most ludicrous show on TV at the moment; last week’s episode was incomprehensibly time-wimey (way too much parallel universe time travelling for me)
Poldark – 18th Century romanticism in  Cornwall on PBS; a good stand-in until Outlander returns

The Crimson Field – on  PBS – great stand in for British costume drama until Call the Midwife returns
Borgen – on TVO, wonderful political drama in Denmark featuring a female prime minister
The Astronaut Wives Club – on ABC – what swingers those astronauts were!
Proof – on Bravo – made me very sleepy as Jennifer Beals sets out to prove that there is an afterlife
Jon Stewart – on Comedy Channel, in reruns this week
John Oliver – on HBO Canada, on holiday for a week
Bill Maher – on HBO Canada, on hiatus for a month
Tyrant – on FX Canada, loving this show about an LA paediatrician who gets involved in the politics of his middle eastern home country
Ballers – on HBO Canada, a little more grown up than Entourage but the same kind of backstage vibe with athletes instead of Hollywood types
The Brink – on HBO Canada, became very silly in episode 2, so I may not pursue; modern day Dr. Strangelove
Suits – on Bravo, love this show about a brilliant young man pretending to be a Harvard Law grad
Complications – on Bravo, incredibly complicated and ludicrous plot about a doctor who gets involved with gangstas after saving a gang leader’s son
Graceland – on Bravo, attractive undercover cops share a beach house in LA

Films to stream on Netflix

Men, Women and Children  – a quirky indy film about the influence of technology (smartphones, laptops, etc) on our lives and the effects on a particular community of angst filled teenagers and their families. Great performance by Ansel Elgort (The Fault in Our Stars)

Along with all the above programming, George and I had a wonderful trip to New England this week to visit friends we made on our Australia/New Zealand cruise in January.

We flew to Boston and then drove to Tiverton, RI to stay overnight with our friends Sandy and Jordan.We had originally met them on our first night in New Zealand where our group assembled before boarding our ship in Auckland. Sandy is a standout in any crowd because of her gorgeous head of curls. She is chic, petite and always fashionably dressed as befits someone who works as a fashion consultant. Her husband Jordan, also sleek and fashionable, had worked for many years as the manager of The Beverley Hills Hotel in LA before becoming a commercial real estate broker specializing in the hotel business. Their place in Tiverton is beautifully situated on Mount Hope Bay and we spent a great day with them there before the four of us drove on to Osterville, MA to stay with Arthur, our retired vet friend whom we met on the ship .

We had met Arthur and his partner Elaine the first night of the cruise when he invited us to join them for dinner as we sat having a drink in one of the ship lounges. As we got to know Arthur and Elaine, we were charmed to find out that they had known each other for over 50 years. They had become fast friends with each other, along with their spouses as young couples. When their respective spouses died, Arthur and Elaine wound up together, and madly in love, they are travelling the world together although they each maintain their own homes on Cape Cod. We had planned to stay with Arthur, a retired veterinarian and one of the funniest people I have ever known, in his palatial home in OsterviIle. Elaine’s charming beach house is in Hyannis, about 20 minutes away. While on the ship, Elaine had suggested that we come down to Cape Cod for her annual 4th of July party where she welcomes over 100 guests to come and watch the Hyannis fireworks from her deck overlooking the bay.

Our first night in Cape Cod was spent having dinner and watching a spectacular fireworks show at the Willowbend Golf Club in Mashpee where Elaine’s nephew is a member. The next night, July 4th was spent at Elaine’s. Now not only is Elaine a warm, charming and attractive woman, but she is one of the world’s best hostesses and she has a huge following of adoring family and friends. She had run a successful catering business in Hyannis for many years and prepared all the desserts for her party starting months ahead. We had a beautiful clear evening for the party and thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet many of Arthur and Elaine’s family members and longtime friends. Before the official Hyannis fireworks started (from a  barge directly in front of Elaine’s house), her son Craig set off our very own fireworks show from her dock. Although there was one misfire (the first in over 20 years which grazed one spectator and shattered a light on Elaine’s deck to Craig’s mortification), Craig’s display was amazing. It was followed by the official magnificent Hyannis display from the water. What a treat to see 3 terrific fireworks shows and what an honour to be part of such a wonderful tradition. People in Cape Cod take the Independence Day holiday very seriously and most homes are decorated in red, white and blue and most towns have their own parades featuring children on decorated bicycles and homemade floats. We had experienced this many years ago on a family trip to the Cape where we had our local parade in Buzzard’s Bay and then watched the big fireworks show in Plymouth.

Today was our last day in Massachusetts, and we braved the post holiday traffic to return to Boston, toured the Kennedy Library and Museum and a sneaked in a trip to Nordstrom Rack there and then headed back to Toronto this evening. Since being in New England, I managed to eat lobster every day and I had my last lobster dinner at an oyster bar at Logan Airport  in Boston before we flew home.

Willowbend Golf Club 4th of July Celebrations



5 thoughts on “Cape Cod travels and summer TV

  1. Sounds like you had a great trip! Americans are soooo proud of their red, white & blue. Look forward to seeing you soon.




  2. Can’t believe what a huge holiday 4th of July is in the US. Canadians are so much more laid back re their patriotism. Thornbury did have a wonderful parade but it was very understated by American standards.


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