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Newish on Netflix

Tig –  I watched this touching doc last night on Netflix. Tig Notaro is a lesbian stand up comedian in LA, who within a matter of weeks has a near fatal C Difficile bacterial infection, loses her mother to a freak fall and fatal head injury, and then is diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer. She turns all of the above into a stand up routine and the film follows her for the next year of her personal journey. She is a remarkably strong woman and if you’ve ever faced an annus horribilis yourself, you may be inspired by her bravery.  Here’s what Decider had to say about this film:


Here’s the trailer:

Tig – Main Trailer – Netflix [HD] – YouTube
Video for trailer for Tig documentary on Netflix▶ 1:49

Wet, Hot, American Summer First Day of Camp prequel alert for Netflix users which debuts July 31 – they’re back in summer camp and the same actors play characters who are hilariously supposed to be younger than they were when the original film was released in 2001; starring Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd and many others from the original; Here’s the trailer:


French film guide – when I was in high school I had a membership to Cinematheque Ontario and was introduced to the great French film classics of Rene Clair and many others. This guide may be helpful for Francophiles to acquaint themselves with the history of French cinema:


Still Playing in Theatres

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl – this sweet and funny/sad film follows the story of friendship among 3 high school students. The two best friends (Greg and Earl) are avid amateur film enthusiasts and they have built up quite an oeuvre of short films that are parodies of classic movies. Forced by his mother to do something kind for Rachel, a classmate with leukaemia, the lead character ends up being truly devoted to her (and not in a traditional rom com way) and he dedicates himself to creating a film especially for her. This is a great coming of age movie and the three young actors cast in the major roles are wonderful. Watch for big things from Thomas Mann, RJ Cyler and the luminous Olivia Cooke.  Bring hankies. Here’s the trailer:


Hell on Wheels – Cullen Bohannan (played by the delicious Anson Mount) has now gone to work for the Central Pacific Railway (leaving the villainous Colm Meaney back at the helm of the Union Pacific)and has made his way to Utah. We are now fully immersed in the sagas of the Chinese workforce who actually built the railways.

Ballers – never a big fan of The Rock, this show has appalled me for the last time. All the excesses of The Wolf of Wall Street with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Dicte – (on Netflix) as I am currently in love with all things Danish, I am willing to give this series a chance as a middle aged divorced single mother works as a journalist in Denmark

Transparent – (on Shomi in Canada) I can’t believe I watched the whole series of 10 episodes again! This week I am Cait (Bruce Jenner’s transition to becoming a woman) debuts Sunday evening on E! (more below).
Transparent, on the other hand, is a fictional series that is incredibly touching as the 68-year-old father of three (played very movingly by Jeffrey Tambor) comes out to his three very needy adult children and begins to live life as the woman he has always felt he should be.  Fabulous performances by all.  Judith Light is amazing as his supportive ex-wife. Trailer:

‘Transparent’ Trailer – YouTube

I am Cait – reality TV series debuts on E! July 26 and follows Bruce Jenner’s new life as she transitions to becoming a woman; there has been some skepticism about Jenner’s motives in making such a public transformation, but she seems genuinely committed to educating the public about transgender issues and preventing suicides and bullying among teenagers dealing with gender issues. I have never watched a single episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians because I have a fundamental problem with celebutante culture (Paris Hilton, et al), but I find Jenner’s story to be very compelling and am willing to give the series a chance based on the earlier interview with Diane Sawyer which I found very moving. Trailer:

Caitlyn Jenner’s New Show “I Am Cait” Trailer | I am Cait | E …

The BridgeBorgen has made me fall in love with all things Danish, so I watched the first hour of this original Danish/Swedish coproduction about a body found on a bridge that connects the two countries; I experienced a severe case of déjà vu as I had watched the U.S. adaptation over the past two years. I doubt I will stay with this season as I feel the U.S. production stayed fairly close to the source material

Tyrant – continues to entertain with its twists and turns as LA paediatrician Barry Al-Fayeed attempts to make a difference in the mythical kingdom of Abuddin.

Under the Dome – totally bonkers show about an evil corporation trying to take over the world one dome at a time

The Strain – totally bonkers show where a virus turns people into monsters

Zoo – totally bonkers show where animals attempt to take over the world

Humans – great British series from BBC about robots with human emotions who may try to take over the world

Falling Skies – sort of bonkers show where aliens have invaded earth and are trying to take over the world

Defiance – sort of bonkers show where aliens have invaded earth and are trying to take over the world

The Last Ship – the upright presence of the US Navy prevents this show from becoming totally bonkers; a virus has decimated the world and the U.S. Navy has one ship dedicated to saving what’s left of our world

Teen Wolf – attractive teens battle supernatural creatures in a small town

The Whispers – an alien presence induces children to commit terrible acts

Suits – much intrigue abounds around Harvey, Mike, Rachel, Donna, Louis, Jessica and the rest of the legal gang

The Ambassador – so far this 1998 British series set in Ireland is perfect for inducing afternoon naps

The Doctor Blake Mysteries – dark and slow moving, this Aussie crime series is also a cure for insomnia

Jon Stewart Countdown – last show airs on Aug 6

John Oliver – Oliver continues to skewer hypocrisy around the world

Outlander – I had to rewatch the last episode of the series as I had originally watched it from a terribly slow internet connection on my Scotland trip and had missed the last 5 minutes entirely; the last episode is terribly brutal as it details Black Jack’s victimization of Jamie and some may find it very hard to watch; this was very controversial as we are not used to seeing men brutalized in this way.  The finale leaves the series headed literally in a very different direction. If you haven’t watched Outlander yet, try and catch up before the next season starts.  Even my husband (who just streamed it online) loved it!
Poldark – romantic period piece set in 18th Century Cornwall is as close as current series come to capturing some of Outlander’s romanticism (on Masterpiece Theatre)

The Crimson Field – romantic period piece set in WW1 France follows Masterpiece Theatre

Graceland – attractive undercover agents share a fabulous beach house

Married – cute sitcom about married life in LA

Terrible TV movie alert

Grace of Monaco with Nicole Kidman On Demand on TMN- unbelievably awful biography that ended up on Lifetime Channel and somehow makes Grace Kelly’s life look awfully silly

This week I am headed out to see some live musical theatre:

Kinky Boots at the Royal Alex in TO and Carousel in Stratford.  I love musical theatre and it usually keeps me from nodding off as there are real live actors on stage inexplicably bursting into song

Have a great week and enjoy this glorious summer weather!
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