CBC Alert: New Series from BBC debuts tonight

I just happened to catch John Doyle’s TV column in today’s Globe and he raved about a BBC series debuting on CBC tonight at 9 pm called Banished. It is the story of the settling of Australia with convicts exiled from the UK. This series is currently only being seen on CBC, so my American friends will have to wait and see if they can find it on BBC America or Masterpiece Theatre, Netflix, etc in the future. Here’s the link to Doyle’s column:


I also neglected to mention in my last post that that I am still hope watching True Detective because I am so enthralled by Taylor Kitsch. As I wrote to a friend yesterday:

Speaking of Taylor Kitsch (aka Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights, one of the best network series ever, and I hate football), he is the one reason to watch True Detective. He plays Officer Paul Woodrugh, one of the 3 self-hating detectives, as a closeted homosexual who is really struggling with whether he can go on with life. This show is so full of despair it is probably unwatchable for most viewers. I’m watching it just for his breathtaking performance.

Don’t forget to watch/record Banished on CBC at 9 tonight. Our trip to Australia in January made me very curious about its history as a penal colony. Doesn’t seem like a very nice way to colonize a country.


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