It’s been a busy week, but I did manage to watch a little TV…

I confess that I had a very busy week but I did manage to watch a few shows as follows:


Vexed with Toby Stephen and Lucy Punch – for those who like Black Sails on FX Canada, it is a real kick to see its leading actor (the dastardly pirate played by Toby Stephen) in a comic role as an immature, lazy and sexist detective (6 episodes over 2 seasons) who is absolute hell for his female partner to work with. I only lasted through 2 episodes of this silly cop series but those with an addiction to Britcoms may love it.

Wet Hot American Summer the Prequel – still haven’t watched it

Staten Island Summer – still haven’t watched it


Poldark season finale – get out your hankies if you haven’t watched this yet. Absolutely action packed. Spoiler Alert: People get sick and die! So sad!

The Ambassador – British, but deadly dull and dated with Pauline Collins; sleep inducing

Dr. Long Mysteries – deadly dull Aussie mystery show (both this and The Ambassador are great for afternoon napping)

Frontline – as always incredible documentary reporting; last week’s show on the NRA was horrifying in explaining why gun control is a no-go in the USA


Mr. Robot – hypnotic and almost hallucinogenic in its portrayal of a morphine addicted hacker who gets involved in an absolutely convoluted plot involving hacking the company he’s supposed to be protecting.. Outrageous characters and kinky sex abounds. TV is very grown up these days. Lots of nudity!!  I have watched the first 6 episodes and feel like I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole as it takes you into a very different world


Suits – Woo hoo!  Louis and Harvey battle over Louis’s sister. Mike tries to get along with the sleaziest lawyer in the firm.

Graceland – more and more complicated as pregnancies and drug addictions are concealed

Murder in the First – dark story of police corruption


The Last Ship – a showdown is coming between the big ship and the crazies on the submarine. The President of the USA is now a good guy, possibly.


Teen Wolf – getting crazier and crazier


The Whispers – that imaginary friend is still fiendishly getting children to do bad things.

FX Canada

Married – awfully cute look at married life in LA

Tyrant – Barry’s son recognizes him as he tries to fund “Khalil” in his leadership of an anti-Caliphate group of insurgents

The Strain – crazier and crazier


Defiance – crazy evil guy is obliterated and our peacekeeper is trying to get over his failure to protect his volunteers when an infiltrator managed to blow most of them up

Comedy Channel

Jon Stewart – 2 hour finale on Thurs Aug 6 was touching and inspiring in showing the huge talent pool involved in putting this show together; looking forward to his replacement by Trevor Noah and to Stephen Colbert’s debut in the Letterman spot on CBS in Sept; Jon Stewart will be missed, but I am a little relieved that I won’t be sitting through the pre-election comedy bits for the next year or so. I hope Trevor Noah will bring a new flavour to the show as he interprets the US through his South African frame of reference.

HBO Canada

Strike Back – they’re back on Friday Nights on HBO Canada and the mayhem continues as an Ambassador whose daughter has been kidnapped is blackmailed into doing something awful

Ray Donovan – Ray has a Mr. Mom moment as his wife goes AWOL to Boston abandoning their two teenagers; intriguing shift in power as Ray goes to work for the Phinney organization in order to get his brother out of prison

John Oliver – keeps making current events funny and interesting

Masters of Sex – wowie, Alison Janney and Beau Bridges are back; Masters is reading Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” to hilarious effect

True Detective – darkest story of police corruption ever; last night’s episode was the season finale and I’m feeling kind of glad that this very oppressive show has come to an end.  I will not miss any of the characters who were very hard to care about

Bill Maher – he’s back and as snarky as ever!


Hell on Wheels – Bohannon has an incredibly tough job keeping the peace between the Irish and the Chinese


ZOO – this show has hilariously cheesy special effects as bats, bears, pussy cats, dogs, lions , etc. try to take over the world


Please Like Me – a bit juvenile, but kind of sexy Aussie show about a 21 year old exploring his sexuality while his hopelessly out of touch family looks on in bewilderment

Banished – BBC show about the founding of Australia through penal colonies; incredibly brutal; explains why the Aussies are so tough


Dating – dark British comedy about blind dates

OK, recapping all that was exhausting.  I just returned from a wonderful outing to Niagara-on-the-Lake and this weekend was spent organizing a shower for my daughter-in-law to be.  Last week was 3 days of golf!!  Whew!!  time to put the feet up and watch some of my Sunday night shows that I haven’t caught up with yet.


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