Summer is almost over…

New shows will be starting soon and returning shows will have their season debuts!  Until then, here’s what I’ve been watching.

New show alert

Blunt Talk starring Patrick Stewart as a hilariously drug and alcohol addled TV talk show host in a send up of both Network and Fox News.  I managed to watch episode 1 on the internet, but it will debut in September on Superchannel in Canada.  Here’s what John Doyle had to say about it in The Globe:


I watched most of Staten Island Summer, an awful comedy from Lorne Michaels and many of the SNL staff.  Horrible coming of age movie which is derivative of so many other better summer fun films.

Watched most of the debut episode of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp (8 episodes) with an all star cast from the original film.  Despite the incredible talent in this series (Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, Janeane Garofalo and many others) it’s pretty unwatchable.  Must have been lots of fun to make and there’s actually a separate release called Hurricane of Fun: The Making of Wet Hot.  I actually had had quite enough of this crew while watching the first episode of the season and won’t be diving in to the behind the scenes video.

HBO Canada

Masters of Sex – Masters’ and Johnson’s relationship deepens

Strike Back – mayhem returns with our two leading men and a cockamamie plot about nefarious doings by the North Koreans

Ray Donovan – Ray realizes what an awful predicament he has put himself in by going to work for the Finneys

Bill Maher – still snarky; Trump’s bad behaviour is a godsend for Maher

John Oliver – still cheeky; above comment re Trump is also true of Oliver

Show me a Hero – dark not easy to watch series about politics in Yonkers in the 80’s with Oscar Isaac

Streaming on the Internet

Mr. Robot – this bonkers but dreamlike show will come to Canada in Sept on Superchannel; not for everyone, it will require your full attention to follow the plotline and characters; this is a show that may benefit from bingewatching as I think continuity in watching the episodes close to each other will aid in comprehension; otherwise, you might like to have a look at episode recaps on the Internet to keep the story straight

On the networks

Defiance on Showcase – Nolan the Lawmaker struggles on shifting ground to prevent the Omec from destroying humanity (I’m not making this up)

Falling Skies on Superchannel – in its final season this show follows a group of human survivors trying to survive an alien invasion

The Last Ship on Space– this series follows a group of human survivors trying to survive a deadly virus

Tyrant on FX Canada – Barry is trying to save his homeland (a mythical Middle Eastern country named Abbudin) from an Isis like group called the Caliphate

Married on FX Canada – a married couple tries to survive in LA

The Strain on FX Canada – NYC tries to survive a deadly virus that turns people into monsters

The Ambassador on PBS – dated and sweet show starring Pauline Collins about the British ambassador in Dublin trying to survive MI6, assassination attempts, and the whole diplomatic process

Dr. Blake Mysteries on PBS – Aussie show about an alcoholic doctor who takes over his father’s medical practice while trying to deal with his tragic past

Hell on Wheels on AMC – Bohannan tries to survive while building the transcontinental railway to California

Humans on AMC – last episode of season 1 showed androids trying to survive humans out to destroy them

Please Like Me on CBC – sweet Aussie show about the coming of age of a 21 year old who has discovered that he is gay

Banished on CBC – great BBC series about the founding of Australia through penal colonies

Teen Wolf – on MTV – so much fun as the teens fight the Dread Doctors

Still watching Suits, Graceland and Murder in the First on Bravo. Loving the characters on these three shows.

Zoo on CBS; this week it was all about killer rats trying to destroy humanity and we explored Mitch’s backstory with his terminally ill daughter

The Whispers on ABC – malicious invisible imaginary friend is now killing the parents of the children with whom he is in communication

Call me Cait on E continues as Jenner tries to explore his new community of transgendered women; OK, I just read an article about how the producers auditioned the transgendered participants to ensure that they were sufficiently telegenic, charismatic, etc.; alright, so this isn’t a PBS documentary about this issue, but it is still fascinating to watch Cait grow as the person she has always wanted to be; the Kardashians participate in a very limited way

Here’s what a US comic had to say about Jenner’s transition in an appearance on Conan that raised lots of controversy:

At the Movies

Saw Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation last week and have already forgotten about it and its incredibly convoluted plot but I did enjoy the leading lady played by Rebecca Ferguson, yet another gorgeous Swedish actress, and the villain played by Sean Harris in a very understated way as a British spook gone terribly rogue

Tonight we are off to see another summer blockbuster (that is all they show at the Collingwood cineplex), my childhood favourite The Man from UNCLE; I don’t care that the reviews have been terrible and that I have found Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes movies to be unwatchable.  I am going for the nostalgia factor as the film brings the 60’s to life and Hugh Grant plays a supporting role as Waverly, made famous in the original series by British character actor Leo G. Carroll

That’s all for now as I prepare for my last week at the cottage before George heads to Ireland and I head into the Meaford International Film Festival (4 films in 4 days) with some lady friends.


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