Still waiting for the new shows to begin, but in the meantime….

Caught up with the first three episodes of the highly recommended The Bletchley Circle which were recently rerun on PBS and available on Netflix; many friends have watched this British series about a team of code breakers who reunite 4 years after the war and begin to solve crimes using their skills honed working to break Nazi cyphers; it’s a great depiction of postwar Britain and the changing roles of women as they adapt to life as second class citizens after doing their bit to win the war behind the scenes
Watched the amazing doc film Amazonia (a French Brazilian coproduction on TMN) starring the most adorable Capuchin monkey I’ve ever seen fighting for his life in the Amazonian rainforest; I was amazed by the photography and the scenery and literally had my heart in my mouth as I watched the sweet little monkey run for his life from all manner of predators
Watched the Australian series The Code in its entirety on Superchannel, kind of an Aussie Mr Robot without the hallucinogenic atmosphere but interestingly featuring an Asperger’s syndrome techie character just like Mr Robot
Caught the last episode of Mr Robot online but soon available on Superchannel – if you watch this, make sure you continue watching the closing credits as the show continues after the credits
Have been enjoying the new Colbert Late Night on CBS, which got off to a lame and unfunny start, but I did cry during the Joe Biden interview on Thurs night’s show; Colbert has the depth and insight that both the Jimmys lack; he’s a brilliant man and hopefully, the show will find the right balance between humour and political insight
Caught an episode of The Interceptors on BBC Canada – kind of a British The Wire with a variety of working class British accents and cop show cliches
Continuing to enjoy Please Like Me, the Aussie series about a hopelessly self involved young man coming to terms with his sexuality
Graceland continues with Briggs taking quite the beating for his manipulation of the team
You’re the Worst returned to FX with a naughty episode where our two leading characters get riotously wasted to prove how wild and crazy they are as they fear domesticity and ordinariness as they settle into life as a couple
Married on FX continues to show us the marital struggles of our LA couple and their friends
Zoo had some mighty murderous Jaguars attacking humanity this week and a cliffhanger ending (literally, as they were on a plane being attacked by killer birds)
Banished,  the Aussie drama about the penal colony that grew to become Australia, came to a rather sad ending on CBC; possibly sadder still as there is no news of a second season coming from BBC
Finished watching Dancing on the Edge on Netflix by Stephen Poliakoff (from BBC) starring the delectable Matthew Goode; it is an intriguing series about a black jazz band in 1930’s London; Goode is wonderful as a cockney reporter who is so un-Downton and un-The Good Wife for him – what range he has as an actor!
The Strain‘s madness continues on FX with a big showdown in Red Hook, NJ
Masters of Sex continues on HBO Canada with Masters trying to manipulate Johnson into falling in love with him
Ray Donovan on HBO Canada is about to encounter a past adversary played by Hank Azaria
Fear the Walking Dead on AMC took the Labour Day weekend off but returns this weekend
Tried to watch Scottish sitcom Still Game on Netflix and didn’t make it all the way through one episode as it was extremely goofy and almost unintelligeably Scottish
Looked at The Detectives, British reality show on Netflix and didn’t last more than 15 minutes as I really only watch 1 reality show and that is I am Cait

I am Cait continues on E! and teasingly promises to show more of the conversation between Kris Jenner and Cait
Finally got down to watching Narcos on Netflix and have made it through the first 8 episodes of nonstop mayhem so far; truly bloodcurdling in its violence which depicts life in a narco state ruled by the crime lord Pablo Escobar and his fellow gangsters; it chillingly shows the “normality” of his family life contrasted with his psychopathic drive to run his organization and the country; of course, his adversaries in law enforcement and government have to equal his drive with their own often compromising the rules of law once there is an open war between Escobar and the Colombian government and justice system; in the background are two relentless DEA agents who drive the hunt for Escobar; one is played by Pedro Pascal (Oberyn Martell) from Game of Thrones and Boyd Holbrook (Hatfields and McCoys); at times it does become very hard to separate the good guys from the bad guys as the good guys learn that it doesn’t always pay to play by the rules.
Working my way through the first season of Residue a Brit mini-series on Netflix starring Ramsay Bolton (played by Iwan Rheon) from Game of Thrones and another GOT alumni Natalie Tena; scary futuristic stuff and so weird to see Ramsay in a sort of non-villainous role

Watched the latest Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO Canada which featured Wendell Pierce from The Wire (Bunk) who spoke eloquently about Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans and the recent arrest of a black tennis player in NYC; he made a wonderful point about the violently physical take down of a suspected credit card fraudster vs the total lack of police attention on the major players in the 2008 Wall Street debacle

Strike Back returned to HBO Canada with the conclusion of its crazy N. Korea storyline

John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight returns tonight on HBO Canada after a two-week hiatus

OK, I know my friends are concerned that I watch a little too much TV, but I actually managed three consecutive days of golfing 18 holes in Thornbury and had my best score ever on 9 holes at Lambton.  Tonight we are off to see The Barra McNeils, a Canadian Celtic band and I will head down to TIFF next weekend.  It was our first real weekend of autumn weather in Thornbury and the beautiful reds are starting to emerge in the countryside.  Sweater weather!!  Enjoy this beautiful Fall season.


2 thoughts on “Still waiting for the new shows to begin, but in the meantime….

  1. My new super hero….. for TV . We still have to figure out Suits. Are we dependent on your son? Do we know any other techies up here? The cast got under my skin. I feel like they are my good friends and I want to know what is going on in their lives. I also want to know where Jessica buys her clothes!!!! R💛❤️

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    1. David is up next wknd, but as it’s his bachelor party wknd, he might be a bit busy. If you leave for Naples mid-October, you will be able to catch up on demand on Comcast with no hassle or viruses invading your computer.


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