The New Shows are Here!!

The new shows are here! Start those PVR’s! plus The 2015 Emmys air tonight on Fox at 8 pm!

This week will see the debuts of several new series and returning premieres of some favourite shows on my watchlist:

Gotham on Fox Mondays at 8 – Season 2 opens with a continuing story about Gordon’s relationship with Penguin and Bruce’s exploration of his father’s secrets

Minority Report debuts on Mondays on Fox at 9 – this TV adaptation of the 2002 so I-fi film about a cop in a futuristic hi-tech squad that in 2065, attempts to stop horrific crimes before they happen with help from a mysterious precognitive man

Blindspot on NBC Monday’s at 10 – an u identified woman with amnesia is found in Times Square covered in tattoos, including one tattoo bearing an FBI agent’s name, and the FBI realize that these marks are clues to solving crimes in the series premiere with Sullivan Stapleton (Strike Back)

Scream Queens on Fox Tuesday’s at 8 – a comedy-horror anthology series begins with a tale of a college campus experiencing a rash of murders

Limitless on CBC Tues at 10 – a man named Brian Finch develops superhuman abilities after taking a mysterious drug called NZT in the series premiere, which finds him landing on the FBI’s radar as he works to clear his name of an NZT related murder.

Rosewood on Fox Wed at 8 – a case is personal for Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr., who teams up with Det. Annalise Villa for the first time in the premiere of this drama following a brilliant private pathologist who helps the Miami police department

The Bastard Executioner debuted on FX last week and airs Tues at 10; reputed to be FX’s answer to Game of Thrones; very entertaining so far with 14th C costumes and various English accents; Stephen Moyer (True Blood) is a very bad man!

Returning series include The Middle on Wed at 8 on ABC; Modern Family on Wed at 9 on ABC; Empire on Wed at 9 on Fox; Nashville on Wed at 10 on ABC

Zoo concluded on Tues at 9 on CBS with our heroes coming up with a cure for those crazy animals.

Love Child concluded on CBC – finally caught up with this show and watched the last of 8 episodes in Season 1 and I am loving the intrigue; it’s kind of an Aussie Call the Midwife but far soapier and sexier; this show is now available on CBC On Demand if you missed it

You’re the Worst on Wed at 10:30 on FX – has begun its second season; a very naughty and grown up show about two wastrels who have hooked up in LA.

Still watching:

The Strain – bonkers
Fear the Living Dead – scarier and scarier
Arthur and George on Masterpiece – concluding tonight with the great Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Ray Donovan – fascinating noir turn as Hank Azaria returns to the show as an FBI manager whose career was ruined by Ray
Masters of Sex – the prickly Masters is still wooing the sexy Johnson

Still loving my regular comedy and public affairs series:

Late Night with Stephen Colbert – nightly on CBS at 11:35

Real Time with Bill Maher – Friday nights on HBO at 10

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – Sunday nights on HBO at 11

CBS Sunday Morning – Sunday mornings at 9 on CBS
Movies watched:

At TIFF this past week, I watched Youth with Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel and Jane Fonda; long sad meditation on aging

Tonight at TIFF: the Viewers Choice Award (TBA on the TIFF website at 12:30 for announcement of the audience’s favourite film (chosen by ballot) which will screen at 8:00 pm at Roy Thomson Hall)

Streaming on Netflix: Clouds of Sils Maria with Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart; a long sad meditation on aging with an All About Eve vibe

Streaming on Internet: Cake with Jennifer Aniston – a very long sad meditation on grief

OK, this is going to be a busy week (exactly 2 weeks to go before the big family wedding), lots of new shows to watch and my favourites are starting to return; plus it’s a gorgeous day out there which I started early this morning by taking our grand dog Louie for a walk, staring into the blinding sun, falling into a ditch and twisting my ankle in the process, causing me to cancel my golf game, encase my ankle in ice and cross my fingers that I still make it to tonight’s TIFF grand finale with the Viewer’s Choice award screening at 8 pm at Roy Thomson Hall; this will require much hobbling along King Street as the announcement will be made at 12:30, followed by a mad dash for tickets (and huge line up number 1) followed by a second huge line up to get into the theatre before the screening.  Fingers crossed that the swelling of my ankle has subsided by then!!


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