The New Season continues!!!

As our son’s wedding is happening on Sat Oct 3, I am working to a Friday deadline this week. We will be having a rehearsal dinner, lots of overnight guests, and a post wedding Sunday brunch. Not to mention a very big day on Sat.!  We will be leaving Oct. 7 to spend a week in the UK where we will attend the wedding of the daughter of very good friends. As a result, this will be my last blog for a couple of weeks as I will be unlikely to be watching much TV while we are going to be touring around London.  I hope to see lots of plays while we are there and will report back.

Premieres this week:

Code Black – CBS Wed nights at 10; a by the numbers medical show with an ensemble cast that includes Marcia Gay Hardin. Cliche ridden and all stuff we’ve seen before.
The Widower –  PBS Sunday nights; a true story about a British nurse who controls his wife with sedatives
Home Fires on Masterpiece –  PBS Sun nights; pre-WWII period drama about a Women’s Institute in a rural British town
Dr Ken –  ABC Fri nights at 8:30; Ken Jeong gets his own show where he’s a doctor (which he was in real life)
Season Premieres:

Saturday Night Live – NBC Sat 11:30 pm; Miley Cyrus hosts
The Leftovers – HBO Canada Sun 9 pm; more misery in the saddest show on TV
The Good Wife – CBS Sun 9 pm; Alicia starts again as a lawyer
The Affair – HBO Canada Sun 10 pm; a divorce is in process
Homeland – Superchannel Sun 9 pm; Carrie is in Berlin

In Progress:

Gotham – Fox Mon at 8; loving this back story on the rise of the villains

Scandal – ABC Thurs at 9; the “will they/won’t they” dance continues

Empire – Fox Wed at 9; the madness continues

Nashville – ABC Wed at 10; the madness continues

The Mindy Project – on the Internet; still so funny

Blindspot – NBC Tues at 10; OMG is Jane Doe related to Agent Webber?

The Player – NBC Thurs at 10; what a mess

The Driver – CHCH Thurs at 10; this show is so sad and noirish that I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch episode 2

Blood & Oil – Sunday nights at 9 on ABC; so cliched yet so fun; a modern western

Quantico – Sunday nights at 10 on ABC; attractive young FBI agents, one of whom is a terrorist

Indian Summers on Masterpiece -Sunday nights on PBS I confess that I snoozed through much of the opening episode

Fear The Walking Dead – Sunday nights on AMC; short season finale this Sunday
The Interceptor – Thurs nights on BBC Canada; The Wire English style

The Middle – Wed nights on ABC; I love this family’s struggles

Modern Family – Wed nights on ABC;I love this family’s misunderstandings

Miss Fisher Murder Mystery – Thurs nights on PBS; I have a girl crush on Phryne’s madcap fashion styling so

Strike Back – Fri nights on HBO Canada; still loving these two violent lugs

Real Time with Bill Maher – HBO Canada Friday nights;  Maher is the snarkiest man on TV

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert – CBS Mon- Fri at 11:35; Colbert is doing a great job being himself

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah – Comedy Channel Mon – Thurs at 11; I like this charming young South African

CBS Sunday Morning – CBS  Sundays at 9 am; the most relaxing and informative show on TV

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – Sunday nights on HBO Canada; Oliver does a brilliant job dissecting and satirizing major world issues

Enjoy this beautiful fall weather and enjoy the new fall shows as well.  I hope to post lots of wedding pictures very soon!!


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