New shows start, old favourites return!

It’s been a chilly weekend here in Naples, but no complaints given what most of the Atlantic seaboard experienced with Winter Storm Jonah.  I enjoyed a wonderful road trip this past week to Clearwater Beach with a quick visit to Indian Rocks Beach.  Gorgeous sunsets and amazing beach walking.  As it was a pretty quiet TV week, I didn’t have too much catching up to do when I came home and fired up the PVR.

There are a number of new shows returning this week, and you might enjoy this NY Post article which references their must watch list:

On my own list of things to watch on TV this week:

Beowulf premiered here on ESQUIRE on Saturday; Black Sails returned here on STARZ on Saturday; The X-Files returns after a very long absence to Fox on Sunday and then will air on Mondays; Suits returns on USA here on Wed. Jan 27; Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returns to the CW on Monday; ; Lucifer debuts on Fox on Mon.; The Magicians debuts on SYFY here on Monday; Grimm returns to NBC on Fri.; You, Me and The Apocalypse debuts this Thurs on NBC.  Special Note to my musical loving friends:  Grease Live will air on Sunday Jan. 31 on Fox!!!  I am so looking forward to it as it will star Aaron Tveit from Les Miz, Graceland, etc.  If you missed it, catch up with Mercy Street, the civil war drama on PBS Sunday nights.  The first episode was intriguing.  Same for War and Peace, which airs on Monday nights on A&E, Lifetime and History.  Great first episode.


My usual TV favourites continued this week:

American Crime gets darker as the crime hits the media and the police appear to take the investigation seriously; Elementary featured a crime that involved computer hacking of a car’s driving system and featured Sherlock’s mysterious dad; Arrow returned to solve the mystery of what happened to poor Felicity after the sudden attack by Dark; The Flash continues its silliness with characters reappearing after a long absence; Shades of Blue gets pretty scary as  Ray Liotta is pretty sure JLo is the mole; The 100 is back with attractive young people fighting for their survival on a hostile post-apocalyptic Earth; Teen Wolf continues with new packs being formed by our favourite teenage werewolf and a renegade band of chimeras; The Expanse looks like its 3 intersecting storylines may be coming together soon.

I did keep up with my favourite comedy/current affairs/talk shows this week:

Trevor Noah did some amazing skewering of Trump and Palin, as did Colbert and best of all Tina Fey returned to SNL to do her best Sarah Palin ever.  Bill Maher may have made his most politically incorrect comment of all time when he blamed the lack of diversity in Hollywood on China’s racism against black performers.  This morning’s CBS Sunday Morning featured a profile of Oscar nominee Charlotte Rampling who also got herself into terrible trouble by commenting in the French media on the diversity issue and then backtracking on her statement.


I finally caught up with Straight Outta Compton.  I have never been a fan of rap music or gangster rap and sadly, this film didn’t really change my mind. Paul Giammatti has become a specialist in playing managers of musical groups and he sports a hilarious wig in this one. Not my thing, so I can’t comment on the Oscars controversy with regard to this film.

Anomalisa is an extraordinary stop motion animation film.  Nominated for an Oscar in the animation category, it is totally adult in concept and execution, and it amazed and mesmerized me in its depiction of a very sad love affair.  David Thewlis’s voice lends this film a melancholic air.  It is touching and fascinating.

The Overnight (available on Netflix) stars Adam Scott, Taylor Schilling and Jason Schwartzman. It is a very naughty rollicking modern take on LA Life.  Reminding me of You’re The Worst (on FXX which I love), this film pokes fun at hipsters as it follows a couple who’ve just moved to LA from Seattle through a crazy evening with neighbours which starts out as a playdate for their children and then turns into a very naughty romp reminiscent of Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice.  More full frontal male nudity (I believe prosthetic devices are used to hilarious comic effect) than I’ve ever seen in a movie before.

99 Homes (streaming) is a sad little film which is actually a good companion piece to The Big Short in that it tells the story of what happened to the millions of people who lost their homes in the housing crash of 2008.  Set in Orlando, Florida and starring Adam Garfield and Michael Shannon, it is a powerful depiction of how desperate people tried to survive the loss of their homes. Powerful but hard to watch.

I am off to play golf in perfect fall weather (low 60’s but sunny and yesterday’s winds have died down somewhat). Enjoy the week!  I will be off on another road trip.  This time to Fort Lauderdale where I will be forced against my will to watch a Maple Leafs hockey game.  Woo hoo!! Go Leafs go!!!






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