Getting back to my schedule…

I’m going to try and keep this post short, as my main goal is to get back on track with a Sunday entry.  I wrote my last post on a weekday evening and then was way too stimulated to sleep.  So here are some of the items I meant to include in last week’s blog:

Bulletin for Canadians (and those thinking of coming as refugees if Trump wins)

Tonight on 60 Minutes (CBS at 7), Justin Trudeau will be interviewed. MSN gives a little preview  of Trudeau’s response when he was asked what Canadians don’t like about the U.S.:

Diarize for watching this Month

I loved this article by John Doyle on new arrivals to TV in the month of March:

Which was better: the book or the movie?

The Toronto Star had a great article comparing books and film adaptations:


In anticipation of tonight’s Downton Abbey farewell, and in tribute to Maggie Smith (The Dowager Countess Violet of Grantham) I watched The Lady in the Van.  Maggie Smith stars as a homeless woman who lives for 15 years in her dilapidated van in the driveway of the British playwright Alan Bennett.  Adapted from a memoir and stage play, this is based on a true story.  Smith gives a mannered performance (as usual!) in the role of her polar opposite from Downton. It’s a very sad story, but Maggie keeps the one liners coming.  If you enjoyed her one liners on Downton I’ve included a link to some of them below:

As the very last episode will air tonight, I will be attending a Downton Abbey party this evening in costume, with a calling card to be presented by a uniformed butler, and with cucumber sandwiches in hand.  We shall be gathered to give the show a proper send off.


On Netflix

I have been bingewatching (oh the shame!) as House of Cards returned for Season 4 this weekend.  We have watched the first 10 of 13 episodes.  Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are as terrifying as ever and this year they have to face off with their younger counterparts, Republican Presidential candidate Will and his wife Hannah Conway. If you are wondering where you have seen Conway before (played by Joel Kinnaman), he starred in The Killing (US version on AMC and now on Netflix) as a hip hop cop.  Unbelievably, he is Swedish!!  They are both throughly chilling so it will be fascinating to see how the Underwoods deal with them.

The Political Commercials

As I write this while watching my moment of Zen TV show (CBS Sunday Morning) I have just started to see negative advertising on Donald Trump pillorying him for his Trump University fiasco (which has resulted in ongoing class actions brought by disgruntled students) and the hiring of illegal immigrants for his various building projects.  Trump is striking back with his own advertising campaign promoting his popularity among Black voters!  Marco Rubio (the native Floridian) is also advertising madly for his campaign as we gear up for the Mar. 15 Florida primary.  Ooh, the agony continues and we have months to go before next Nov.  As the campaign gets even more heated, the political satirists (Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee and perhaps my very favourite, John Oliver) should have a field day.  There have been some amazing bits comparing Trump to Hitler and Mussolini and making great hay out of his KKK connections.  Cruz and Rubio have been trying to fight each other and Trump by being as Latino as they possibly can. Too funny!

Naples Life

We entertained some visiting family yesterday with a tour of Billionaires Row here (Gordon Dr., Aqualane Shores and Port Royal), lunch on the water (The Docks at Crayton Cove) and a boat ride down the Gordon River from The Conservancy of Naples.  Today we are off to an exhibition of fashions by Halston and Yves St Laurent at the Baker Museum of Artis Naples.  It’s another perfect day here so enjoy the weather wherever you are and don’t forget to watch Justin Trudeau tonight on 60 Minutes. He and Sophie will be visiting the White House this week and the media is actually paying attention.  Will wonders never cease?




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