Things I keep forgetting to write about…

As I head into my last two weeks here in Naples, I am watching TV very distractedly and keep forgetting to mention shows I really like.

Last night was the series premiere of Banshee on Cinemax here (HBO Canada).  As I don’t subscribe to the specialty station, I shall have to find the series online.  Pure mayhem as a career criminal impersonates a town sheriff in a small crime infested town in Amish country Pennsylvania.

The Americans (FX) is better than ever and John Doyle has a great article in the Globe:

Tom Hiddleston Alert

The Night Manager is coming to AMC starring Tom Hiddleston (possibly the new James Bond).  Hiddleston is now known as Hiddlesbum for a racy scene in this new suspense miniseries.  Daily Beast has a great article on the campaign to recruit the next Bond:

I just caught the season finale of Black Sails.  This stirring pirate yarn tells the story of the pirate wars to conquer Nassau.  Long John Silver comes into being as a human who takes on mythic dimensions in this prequel to Treasure Island.

The People vs OJ Simpson (FX) is carried by Sarah Paulson who gives a heartbreaking and vulnerable performance as the very fragile Marcia Clarke, a woman under siege as she helms the prosecution’s case against OJ.

Canadian Justice System

Speaking of women under siege, I just watched last week’s Fifth Estate (CBC) on the Ghomeshi trial.  While I would be the first person to hire Marie Henein to defend me should I be charged with a crime, I couldn’t help but feel very sorry for the three complainants in the case who were completely unaware that their past actions of trying to make nice with Ghomeshi post assault would come back to haunt them and cause their testimony to be disbelieved by the Judge in the case.  I can hardly wait for the June trial on further charges of sexual assault against a CBC employee.  Perhaps the next trial will have a less tragic outcome for the complainant.  Hopefully, the prosecution will now have a clue as to other aspects of the complainant’s history that they should discover before the trial takes place.

I am still enjoying every suspenseful minute of The Walking Dead as each episode ends with a cliffhanger as we head toward the finale.  Beware the Walking Dead  (the prequel) continues its first season this Sunday night.

US Politics

I am currently watching The Fire Breather: The Rise and Rage of Donald Trump (CBC The Fifth Estate).  This reality game show host is actually gaining in the polls even though he consistently makes missteps as the article below from Salon recaps.


Stephen Colbert had a great interview with cartoon Donald Trump the other night:


We watched the first few episodes of The Ranch, a Netflix original, starring Sam Elliott, Ashton Kutcher, and Debra Winger as a prodigal son returns home.  Very distressing and distracting laugh track that only emphasizes how unfunny much of this show is.  It could have been so much better and does have some very poignant moments between riotous outbursts on the laugh track.

Some of my favourites

I am inexplicably addicted to The 100 (the CW).  These post-apocalyptic struggles of humans on Earth fascinate me as warring factions fight for survival.  I just watched an odd new show on Syfy called Wynonna Earp about a modern day female descendant of the famous lawman who fights demons in current day.

Grantchester  has returned to PBS Masterpiece Mystery on Sunday nights.  He’s a dishy vicar with a knack for solving crimes in post WW2 Britain.

Call the Midwife is returning to PBS Sunday nights at 8 pm.  This series, now available on Netflix, is wonderfully touching as it evokes the atmosphere of late 50’s early 60’s east end London as the midwives minister to the poor.

You, Me and the Apocalypse is hurtling towards its end as an asteroid hurtles towards earth and the Apocalypse.  Perhaps the oddest show on TV as a disparate group of characters are drawn together to face their end in a bunker. It’s a comedy, sort of.

Billions (Showtime) seems to have reached its end with the mouse outwitting the cat.  Damian Lewis had a plan in place to hoodwink Paul Giamatti, I believe.  Not entirely sure, as this show’s machinations in the financial world are awfully complicated!

Better Call Saul (AMC) continues to amaze with its multilayered storytelling that fills in the blanks for Saul and Mike of Breaking Bad with where these characters came from.

Underground (WGN) is harrowing and poignant as it depicts the struggles of slaves and abolitionists to establish a pathway to freedom.

Outsiders (WGN) is a mash-up of Sons of Anarchy, Justified and Deliverance as a hillbilly clan in Kentucky fights for its survival against a big coal company that wants to blow the top off their mountain.  This show is full of intrigue and you can’t help rooting for the feral  Pherrell clan.

Empire returned this week and the insanity continues.

Nashville returned last week and those kids sure are growing up fast. Deacon and Rayna have their hands full,  poor Luke is having a terrible time, Will is having a terrible time, Avery is having a terrible time, and Juliette is returning this week!

Naples Life

Sadly we’ve already said goodbye to many friends, neighbours, mahjong partners, golf buddies, etc. who’ve already headed north.  Tomorrow I will do one of my last beach walks.  We finally had the nerve to wander into a neighbourhood Mexican restaurant that seemed exceptionally seedy only to find that it had the best Mexican food I’ve ever had.  We celebrated one of our last sunset cocktails and dinner on the beach last week. I’ve been getting the house ready for its long dormant period and trying to minimize the potential for mold and mildew. We’ll be putting the garden to bed and replanting our outside potted plants in the ground so that our pots do not become projectiles in the event of high winds and thunderstorms. My last few golf games and mahjong sessions have been scheduled.  Although we’re eager to see family and friends again, it will be very hard to leave our place here in Naples.  It’s been a wonderful winter and we have loved our time here. For those of you dealing with the Polar Vortex in the northeast, hang in there.  Spring is just around the corner.








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