New/Old Shows are arriving…


Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and Veep all returned to HBO last wknd. All three are still great! Game of Thrones was unusually woman centric and no one was raped or publicly humiliated! Penny Dreadful returns tonight with monsters galore! (HBO).  Banshee returned a few weeks ago with more murder, mayhem and chaos than even my previous guilty pleasure show Sons of Anarchy contained.  Also on HBO on Sunday nights is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, my go to comedy show to explain current events.  Bill Maher’s Real Time on Friday nights has great panel discussions of current events. Vice is also on late night on Fridays and is a brilliant look at international issues and politics.

Comedy Channel

I truly enjoy watching Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show  Mon-Thurs show at 11 pm on Comedy.  This South African comic has a wonderful international take on the US political scene and world events.


Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show includes both Colbert’s brilliant take on politics as well as his skewering of many cultural icons and issues. His public confessions (he’s a hilariously devout Catholic) are a wonder to behold.


Outlander is also back on Showcase and we are now involved in intrigue at the royal court in Paris. Still incredibly romantic! The Path also continues on Showcase and is very dark and mysterious as it explores life in a cult.


The Americans continues on FX and poor Martha has been discovered by her bosses as Philip frantically tries to extract her. This season has a long way to go before it finishes on June 8. Anything could happen as Philip considers whether this is the life he wants for his family.


Fear the Walking Dead on AMC has our intrepid survivors at sea looking for a safe haven. Turn (also on AMC)the story of America’s first spies during the Revolutionary War, also returned last week. Very suspenseful and taking surprising turns.


I binge watched the entire series of Doctor Foster in one day. Full of intrigue and suspense this exploration of infidelity and marriage is incredibly watchable with great performances and terrific writing.
I have started watching Rebellion which tells the story of the 1916 Irish Rebellion. Dark and dour, this series hasn’t been a lot of fun to watch.


We recently discovered that we are subscribers to Shomi, the Rogers streaming service. As a result I have been watching Blunt Talk starring Patrick Stewart as a hopelessly drug and alcohol addled talk show host. Hilarious! He has a wonderful relationship with his valet/chef/chauffeur who has been with him since their military service days.

The Good Wife (CBS) and all the Sunday night shows (PBS)

As The Good Wife heads toward its last episode which will air on May 8, I look forward to all my comforting Sunday night British shows. Call the Midwife (PBS) delves into the thalidomide crisis and Grantchester (PBS)further explores our dishy cleric’s tormented past. I’m still enjoying my two British light comedies, Father Brown (PBS) and Doc Martin (PBS), both featuring a cast of eccentric characters in charming British villages.

At the Movies

It’s going to be a busy week. We have tickets to a film premiere tonight. It is titled Love and Friendship and stars Kate Beckinsale and Chloe Sevigny in a story based on the Jane Austen novella Lady Susan. It features matchmaking and Stephen Fry is also in it!

Tomorrow night we are attending the Hot Docs film festival and will see the film Obit which tells the stories of the obituary writers at The New York Times. I am a big fan of obituaries and try and read Lives Lived every morning in the Globe as I am usually inspired by the stories of unheralded people who are viewed as extraordinary by the people who remember them.

Thornbury Life

Our official golf season starts this week with our first organized games at Lambton and The Georgian Bay Club. I’m hoping to play my first game of Mahjong in Thornbury this week and George and I are literally gearing up for Pickleball at the Beaver Valley Community Centre. So far, I have the shoes, now rackets must be found. Fingers crossed that the sun makes more regular appearances this week! It’s spring here, isn’t it?



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