Sunday night is upon us again…

It is the last episode of the wonderful series The Good Wife on CBS tonight and the first episode of Wallander on PBS. Kenneth Branagh plays the melancholy Swedish detective. Also set up on my PVR tonight will be Call the Midwife on PBS, incredibly moving with its tales of 1960’s British medical issues; Silicon Valley and Veep, both delightful HBO comedies; Game of Thrones on HBO which, hopefully, will continue the Jon Snow subplot  tonight; Outlander on Showcase continues the adventures of Jamie and Claire in The French court of Louis XIV as they seek to prevent the Highland Clans’ defeat at Culloden; Fear the Walking Dead on AMC which sees our family fleeing LA for a zombie free refuge; The Family on ABC, which could have been more suspenseful and is now plodding wearily along; Penny Dreadul on HBO is back for its third bloody season of terrifying creatures. Finally, John Oliver hosts Last Week Tonight on HBO in which he takes a satirical look at news, politics and current events on a weekly basis. Tonight’s show should be a whopper as Oliver should have great fun with the Trump candidacy.

Monday night features Gotham on Fox followed by Houdini and Doyle, a new detective show featuring both the above solving mysteries in Victorian London. Turn: Washington Spies on AMC has returned for a new season. Incredibly suspenseful!

Tuesday night features my two dopey procedurals Chicago Med and Chicago Fire both on NBC. I have no excuse for watching these two very silly shows.

Wednesday night features Arrow on CW (again, I have no explanation for why I like this silly show); The Americans on FX which sees our two leads committing reprehensible crimes; and Nashville on ABC, which has become hilariously soapy.

Thursday night is my Doc Martin night on PBS, in which our clueless hero and his lady love Louisa see a therapist to save their marriage; Blacklist on NBC continues its ludicrous storyline of Reddington’s search for revenge against the killers of Elizabeth Keane (yeah, like we really believe she’s dead! don’t they know they’re never dead the first time you kill them!); The Catch on ABC would be much better with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, but we’ll have to settle for the robotic Mireille Enos and Peter Krause; The Path on Showcase is a dark exploration of a Scientology-like cult.

Friday night features my guilty pleasure monster show Grimm on NBC; Real time with Bill Maher on HBO; Banshee on HBO (possibly the most violent show ever seen on TV; and VICE on HBO, a very edgy documentary series.

Saturday brings us Father Brown and Vera, both detective series on PBS; Saturday Night Live on NBC featured a wonderful Game of Thrones sketch last week that poked fun at the reanimation scene with Jon Snow. Worth watching for that one laugh alone.

Next Sunday morning, the madness begins again with my Emmy award winning Zen-like series, CBS Sunday Morning and then the relentless barrage of episodic tv on Sunday night begins again.

Don’t forget to watch The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (M-Th on Comedy) and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS to see their political satire. I think they are the most watchable political comics on TV right now.  For Canadians, this past week has been unbearably sad with daily updates on the fire in Fort McMurray. A tragedy of huge proportions. Please consider donating to the Red Cross which is coordinating relief efforts. All donations will be matched by both the provincial and federal governments.


I tried to watch the movie Man Up with Simon Pegg and Lake Bell, but got a little caught up with American star Lake Bell’s British accent. I was very distracted by it.

Grace and Frankie is worth watching only for Jane Fonda’s age defying hair, makeup and wardrobe. Otherwise, painfully unfunny.

I’m dying to watch Marseille with Gerard Depardieue but haven’t had time.


I tried to watch Tom Hiddleston in the soon to be released film High Rise. Too dark and dystopian for me as life in a luxury high rise building in the London suburbs goes totally Lord of the Flies!

At the movies

Got to see the premiere of Love and Friendship, a Jane Austen adaptation from a posthumously published novella. This film is directed by Whit Stillman known for his contemporary black comedies Metropolitan and The Last Days of Disco. Although it stars Kate Beckingsale and Chloe Sevigny, this film is curiously lacklustre.

I also saw a Hot Docs film called Obit about the NY Times obituary writers and loved it. It was followed by a Q & A session with the director and one of the major players. Fascinating!

It’s been a great week with outings to movies in TO and three days of golf in Thornbury. Mother’s Day was celebrated with delicious home made French toast prepared by Chef Georges, an outing to the local nursery for our spring flowers, and dinner in Thornbury with good friends. Back to TO tomorrow for a week of fitness, golf, lunches with friends, etc. I can’t complain and it looks like spring may finally have sprung!
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