Confessions of a failed bingewatcher…

I totally intended to bingewatch season 2 of Bloodline on Netflix this wknd, and I’m very sad to report that I haven’t even watched episode one yet. Too much golfing and hiking! Also, my husband watches this thing called the NBA Playoffs and since Toronto has been involved, he has been glued to the screen and I am honour bound to watch shows that he is interested in when he is available. Hence, very little TV watching has been going on, but here is a little summary of what I have managed to watch and what I am planning to watch in the week ahead.


I did, however, bingewatch the entire Julian Fellowes miniseries in 3 episodes Dr. Thorne. This is the next series to come from the Downton Abbey creator. Based on the Barchester novels of Anthony Trollope, this very Jane Austenish story is full of all the usual “suitable match” and “family disinherited by primogeniture” storylines. It’s boy knows girl, boy is forbidden to see girl, boy must find suitable heiress, etc. Great period costumes and English accents, so I found it very comforting.  It aired on ITV in the UK and it will air on Amazon Prime in the US, so will probably be available on Superchannel, Shomi or Crave in Canada.

I watched a few more episodes of the comedy series Casual. Created for Hulu and directed by Jason Reitman, I love this series about LA hipsters looking for love. This was a popular theme for many comedies including You’re the Worst, Love, etc. I find this story particularly endearing as a divorcing sister moves in with her brother who runs a dating website.


I totally enjoyed the action/suspense film American Ultra starring Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart.  A Jason Bourne-like Eisenberg is targeted for termination by his CIA bosses.

I started the Gunpowder, Treason & Plot miniseries about Mary Queen of Scots.  Thrilling, yet plodding at the same time.


I did watch Preacher when it debuted last week. Batshit crazy!


I still haven’t watched All the Way about LBJ as played by Bryan Cranston. It had great reviews as HBO adapted his stage play for TV. It is available on demand.

Game of Thrones continues to thrill on HBO as does Penny Dreadful. The comedies Veep, Silicon Valley and Sensitive Skin are all worth a watch on HBO as well.


Wallander and Call the Midwife both had their finales on PBS last week.  Very touching.  Both series are available on Netflix.  Coming up on PBS will be Sherlock, Endeavour, Inspector Lewis, etc.  Our local PBS affiliate runs a Saturday evening full of British mysteries including Father Brown, Vera and Foyle’s War. All very soothing.  There is a midweek episode of Doc Martin on Thurs. evenings about life in an eccentric British seaside town with a lovable doctor with Aspergers at its heart.

On Demand

Superchannel has been showing the entire first season of Versailles.  This series has spectacular costumes and settings as it tells the story of Louis XIV building the palace of Versailles and it details the scandals of the royal court which include a cross dressing gay younger brother of the King.


The Americans had a terrific episode this past week as the Jennings are expected to complete a mission that exacts quite a toll and the episode ends with an amazing scene where Elizabeth and Paige are mugged in an alley and Paige gets to see just who her mother really is.

I am on tenterhooks waiting for Tyrant to return for its next season.  It’s currently in reruns for those of you who haven’t seen it yet.


The devilish series Unreal returns for a second season.  If you haven’t seen Season 1 yet, it begins screening at 10 pm on Tuesday on Lifetime.  It is a great drama about the making of a reality dating show which shows how scripted, plotted and produced series like The Bachelor really are.  Very funny.

The CW

Arrow had its season finale in a tumultuous pre-Apocalyptic show.  Looks like there may be a chance that Oliver and Felicity are not over.


Outlander continues to be the most romantic show on TV.  Although I am not a fan of the time travel genre, the English accents and costumes keep me very happy.

Political Satire

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO), John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight (HBO), The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (Comedy), Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (Comedy), and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (CBS) all deal with the political nightmare of Donald Trump that is inexorably unfolding in the US.  It’s getting harder and harder to see the humour in this situation, but all of these shows do a great job of seeing the lighter side of this developing tragedy.

Current Events

CBS Sunday Morning (CBS), 60 Minutes (CBS), The Fifth Estate (CBS), Frontline (PBS),  and Nature (PBS) all offer intelligent and thought provoking programming that informs and enriches.

In the meantime, enjoy the week to come and this glorious summer weather that has finally arrived.


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