Oh my gosh, I can’t keep up…

The new shows just keep coming and I’m having a hard time keeping up, but I’ll do my best!

On Stage:

We were very lucky to get tickets for Rufus Wainwright’s Judy Garland Tribute show at the recently renovated (partially, anyhow) Hearn Power Station in the Cherry Beach district of Toronto.  The venue is funky and derelict, but somehow, that only adds to its charm.  I had never seen Wainwright perform live before and I really enjoyed him.  He has a beautiful voice and a delightful patter.  He gives new vibrancy to the word “insouciant”.  He’s very cheeky and I’m a bit sad that I have become a fan just when he and his partner are leaving Toronto.  The orchestra performing with him was fabulous and despite the lack of proper sound insulation the sound was pretty good for a cavernous abandoned power station.


I finally caught up with I Saw the Light, the Hank Williams biopic starring Tom Hiddleston.  Hiddleston gives an amazing performance for a Brit impersonating a midcentury country and western icon. His Southern accent was impeccable.  The film is a bit sad and dreary as it is basically a story of self-destruction as we watch Williams drink, smoke and take illegal prescription medication for a long undiagnosed congenital back problem.  Startlingly, Williams died of heart failure at 29 having penned 35 number one Billboard hits without the benefit of reading music.  Watch it for Hiddleston’s magnetic performance.


I am loving Animal Kingdom on Tuesday nights at 10.  This week is the Season 3 premiere  on of Murder in the First for those who love police procedurals.


Outlander is hurtling towards Culloden in its romantic and mystical way.


Father Brown, Vera and The Tunnel all offer mystery lovers great intrigue.  The Tunnel is the latest French/British coproduction to adapt the original Danish/Swedish The Bridge mystery to a new setting.  I am loving it as I find it fascinating to see the cultural shifts from on country to another. Masterpiece Mystery also is treating us to the early Inspector Morse chronicles with Endeavour which tells the story of the young Endeavour Morse.


Brain Dead continues to amuse on Monday nights.  From the creators of The Good Wife, it wickedly hypothesizes what might happen if extraterrestrial bugs infested the brains of Washington politicians.  Very black humour.

American Gothic started last week on CBS Wednesday nights.  It’s great fun as a wealthy Boston family becomes aware that someone in their midst may be a serial killer.  John Doyle writes about it:



Follow the Money airs on Saturday nights.  It’s a Danish series about a very crooked energy company called Energreen. It is strangely reminiscent (to me anyhow) of Mr. Robot as it is about the efforts to expose a very corrupt company’s illegal business practices.


Preacher (Sunday nights) , Hell on Wheels and The American West (both on Saturday nights) are all great offerings from AMC.


Game of Thrones (season finale tonight), Vice,  Penny Dreadful (which had its series finale last week but is still available on demand), Veep (season finale tonight), and Silicon Valley (season finale tonight) are all worth watching.  Ray Donovan returns tonight for its Season 4 debut and I anticipate more mayhem amid all the Hollywood fixing.  Outcast continues to be very dark indeed with its tale of demonic possession.

My moments of sanity:


CBS Sunday Morning continues to enchant every Sunday morning.
Fareed Zakaria GPS attempted valiantly this morning to deal with the madness of Brexit.  At last a distraction from the madness of Trump.
On the humour side of the coin, I look forward to Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal on Comedy on Mondays at 10:30;  Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show on Comedy M-Th at 11:00; John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight on HBO Sundays at 11ish (tonight at 11:30); Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show on CBS Mon-Fri at 11:35.

It’s going to be a busy week as I travel back and forth more frequently than usual between TO and Thornbury for various appointments and parties.  It will be tough keeping up with my shows, but I’ll give it my best shot.  In the meantime, the weather continues to be hot, hot, hot.  Fingers crossed that we get some much needed rain as things are beginning to look rather brown these days.



One thought on “Oh my gosh, I can’t keep up…

  1. BTW. Thank you for going back and forth for various appointments and PARTIES. I have a friend who just cancelled because she didn’t want to go back and forth ….it was too much trouble!!!!!!! She has always been unreliable and selfish and only does what is good for her….which is why we really don’t see them anymore. Still hot here today. R💛💖

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