I’m on holidays!

We are thoroughly enjoying ourselves in Thornbury and so I’m going to take a few weeks off while I get ready for my husband’s big significant birthday party and we prepare to have out of town guests and about 60 people for dinner.  Besides, I haven’t really had a chance to keep up with many of my shows. We’ve been busy going to concerts, golfing, relaxing by the pool, reading, etc.  Before I take a blog hiatus, here are a few thoughts I leave you with.

On Stage


We went to a lovely jazz concert in Toronto at Hugh’s Room in the west end.  We saw one of our favourite chanteuses, Patricia Barber, who sang some standards and a lot of her newer avant garde stuff.  Great dinner as well. Barber hails from Chicago where she is a goddess.

Last night was the very first of the Jazz by the Bay concerts in Thornbury Park and it was a blues band called The Groove Project.  These are community events held every Sunday in July and August from 6-8.  Bring a picnic dinner and carefully camouflaged alcoholic beverages.

At the movies

We are looking forward to seeing the latest Tarzan film starring my favourite vampire from True Blood, Alexander Skarsgard.

Season Debut Alert

For those of you lucky enough to have seen Tyrant, it returns on FX Canada this Wednesday at 10 pm.  Great series about a mythical Middle Eastern kingdom and the brothers fighting to rule.

Emmy Awards Article

John Doyle has a great article about the Emmy Awards and he mentions the hitherto ignored Outlander. Don’t forget that next Sunday will be the season finale and will be a 90 minute episode that will include the adventures of Jamie and Claire  post Culloden.



This show is not for everyone as it is a blackly comedic take on what goes on behind the scenes of a reality show based on The Bachelor.  Very, very dark as it shows how scripted and produced these shows are.  Unreal is on Monday nights at 10 on Lifetime.

My Favourites

There are so many! Ray Donovan, Outcast, Preacher, Brain Dead, American Gothic, Hell on Wheels, The Daily Show, The Late Show, Full Frontal, Bill Maher, CBS Sunday Morning, Endeavour, The Tunnel, Follow the Money, Animal Kingdom, etc.  

In Conclusion

I really am having difficulty keeping up, but I will try and will update you when I return from holidays.  We are off to Newfoundland and Labrador for a few weeks and will squeeze in a theatre trip to Stratford, Ontario as well, so I’ll be back mid August. Hopefully revitalized and ready to watch TV.  In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful summer weather!!



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