A quick update on the last two weeks…

We just returned from 2 weeks of touring Newfoundland and Labrador.  I have been a little overwhelmed by trying to catch up on some of my shows, so while I continue to do that, I’m hoping that you can enjoy our pics with a background of traditional Newfoundland music.  We had a wonderful time, although I don’t think I’ll be ready to take another bus tour for a while.  Lovely people from all over Ontario made up the 37 intrepid passengers.  We ate 3 very square meals every day, were entertained every night, and were lucky to have  incredibly pleasant weather with only a few minutes of rain one day.  George was knocked out by the scenery and got a chance to use all 3 of his cameras.  We went to a Mug Up, a Screech In and a Shed Party amongst the many celebratory gatherings that were provided. We were very impressed by the Newfoundlanders’ legendary hospitality and warmth, their very natural ability to sing and tell funny stories, and of course, the incredible beauty of the coast line and the inland lakes.  We saw whales, puffins and a beautiful fox, but may have to return one day as we missed seeing a moose.  Another bucket list item has been crossed off the list, as we have now visited every Canadian province.

I posted George’s video to my Facebook (just search for me under Lorraine Brunswick) page, as I still can’t figure out how to include it in this blog, so check out my Facebook page if you want to catch up with my pictures!

In the meantime, enjoy the Olympics and I will catch up with my shows this week.  We are headed to Stratford later in the week to see two musicals, A Little Night Music and A Chorus Line.  We are staying at a B&B and looking forward to a little tour of southwestern Ontario.



One thought on “A quick update on the last two weeks…

  1. Hi Lorraine, We were in Newfoundland last summer for 2 weeks and loved every minute of it. It is a spot that is worthy of the most selective bucket list. I’ve been invited to join you at lunch on Wed so I look forward to it. See you then. Hugs mary


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