Uh oh…starting to feel overwhelmed!

As a champion procrastinator, I have managed to live 35 years in the same house without having to purge and move on.  Now that our moving date to our new condo is swiftly approaching, the reality of having to make serious decisions about what to take and what to discard is starting to get to me.  I can’t believe I will have to make do with one clothes closet! All my precious entertaining pieces will have to stay in boxes until we actually acquire some condo appropriate furniture to put them in. As a result, I may actually have to severely limit my screen time so that I can complete some of the paring down and packing that will give the movers something to move when they arrive on Sept. 19.  In the mean time, these are my recommendations for the week.


On the big screen

I managed to take in one Meaford International Film Festival offering this past weekend.  I absolutely loved The Second Mother, a film from Brazil.  It is a touching and amusing look at the life of Val, a live-in maid/nanny whose long neglected daughter comes to Sao Paulo to write her entrance exams for a prestigious university architectural program.  While she hasn’t seen her own child in 10 years, Val has been raising Fabinho, the child of her employers, who is also going to sit the entrance exams for the same program.  The maid’s daughter Jessica is smart, strangely confident and not intimidated in any way by the class and income difference between her and her mother’s employers.  She totally ignores the unwritten rules about how deferential domestics must be in the household hierarchy.  This film was incredibly popular in Brazil and started a countrywide debate about the treatment of domestic help.

Next week we will be seeing 5 films at the Toronto International Film Festival.  All this and closing on our new condo at the same time!  Clearly, we hadn’t anticipated moving before we ordered our tickets.  I will give a full report on our selections if I can remember anything before seeing 5 films in a row.


I finally caught up with The 33.  The story of the Chilean miners who were trapped for 69 days underground and who all survived.  Gruelling but touching.

I also tried to watch Captain America: Civil Wars but lost interest about 1/2 way; I also started The Fifth Wave, an alien invasion film adapted from a Young Adult novel, which was clearly aimed at 13 year-old girls and I gave up after about an hour.

I also caught up with the most recent season of Peaky Blinders  on demand on Superchannel in order to fulfill my Cillian Murphy fetish.  Despite the awfulness of the haircuts, this Birmingham mob story is kind of hypnotic.  The magnificent Tom Hardy returns as a Jewish gangster in Season 3 Episode 5.

On the small screen


The last two episodes of Follow the Money aired last night.  Still available on demand.

Undercover is still airing on Monday nights as the BBC suspense series looks at an undercover policeman who has been reporting on his activist lawyer wife for over 20 years.

Four in the Morning is still airing on Friday nights.  This unconventional comedy is about hipsters who routinely hang out together has a very ethereal and dream-like quality as it combines magical realism with comedy.  Not for everyone.


Mr. Robot is still incomprehensible and still boggles me, but I can’t look away.


Suits appears to be approaching its season finale. The prison agony seems to be over for Mike. Fingers crossed that the deal holds.


The season finale of Tyrant airs on Wednesday night.  Barry and Molly are on the brink of war with the Caliphate; Leila makes a bold political move that risks a possible betrayal; and Barry and Daliyah’s relationship hits a final reckoning.

The Strain, a bat shit crazy scifi series about vampires returns for its third season  tonight.


You’re the Worst continues on Wednesday nights.  Gretchen begins therapy; Jimmy’s confidence weakens at work; and Lindsay neglects Paul.


Brain Dead continues its blackly comedic arch as more and more people become aware of the alien bug invasion.

American Gothic heads into a two-hour season finale on Wednesday night.  It is kind of limping to a close after losing momentum as a very blackly comedic thriller.



In The Choir: Sing While You Work, Choirmaster Gareth Malone has the last contestants in the top workplace choir continue their journey on Sunday nights.

Prestige Channels go on vacation

Both HBO and PBS seem to be taking the Labour Day holiday very seriously and are holding off on airing new episodes of major programming.

For those of you who prefer your recommendations in list form, here are two lists of recommendations from other sources:

Fall TV Preview


Fall Film Preview


Closing Words

It’s been a splendid summer.  Labour Day is here and this year, it heralds  a real closure to the summer for me despite the continuing idyllic weather.  Before Florida beckons in October, we are going to have a major move in store.  We are off to celebrate the wedding of the daughter of longtime friends this evening and we are taking advantage of this joyous occasion to continue our procrastination regarding packing.  As I write this, jets are swooping above my home as the traditional CNE Air Show takes place.  It seems like only yesterday that we were picnicking with our two little boys on the Lakeshore watching the show with them.  These lyrics from one of my favourite musicals sum up my feelings as summer comes to a close:  Sunrise, sunset, swiftly fly the years, one season following another, laden with happiness and tears.








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