Well, the other night when 16 Canadians gathered in our living room in Florida to watch the election results, the election didn’t turn out exactly as we thought it would.  We were horrified to watch the spread of red states while Hillary’s progress slowed.  It has since been a week of quiet contemplation here.  Florida was one of the first states to be declared for Trump and Collier County where Naples is located was also one of the first counties to be declared Republican.  On our drive down from Toronto 3 weeks ago, we were dismayed to see the preponderance of Bush signs and the almost total absence of Clinton signs.  It’s going to be a very interesting period of adjustment to the incoming regime.  Can Trump actually act on all the hateful promises he has made?  We’ll have to wait and see if calmer heads will prevail re healthcare, the environment, foreign policy, tax cuts for the wealthiest, immigration, mass deportations, making America white again, etc.  Scary times!  In the meantime, I’m going to make some soothing recommendations re your tv watching.



If you haven’t started bingeing on The Crown yet, please do yourself a favour and take a look.  We finished watching all 10 episodes of life in a simpler time, when tradition was everything and the world was in awe of the British royal family.  So nostalgic!  This is in the mode of Downton Abbey comfort viewing, but it’s all based on actual events.  For me, nothing says soothing like British accents and period costumes.

A Royal Night Out stars Canada’s own Sarah Gadon as Princess Elizabeth in 1945, the night of VE Day in London.  The two young princesses are allowed out of Buckingham Palace for one night to experience the celebrations with the common folk.  This is a very slight piece of entertainment, but if your The Crown viewing leaves you with an appetite for more royals, this may satisfy your craving.


These days Sunday nights on PBS the British rule in three different series:

The Durrells in Corfu follows the adventures of a expat British family trying to adjust to life on a Greek island in a ramshackle house surrounded by eccentric characters.  It is a delightful escape to a simpler time in a charming place.

Poldark is a romantic period piece set in the late 18th century and it follows the exploits of the swashbuckling former soldier Ross Poldark as he returns to Cornwall following his military service in the War of Independence. As played by the Irish actor Aidan Turner, he’s dark and brooding in a Heathcote kind of way.

Indian Summers  is set in India in the waning days of Empire.  British eccentrics abound as the country thrashes its way towards independence.


Great choices abound on Sunday nights:

Westworld is moving slowly to the inexorable rise of the robots.  There will be blood.

Divorce (starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church) details the increasingly unpleasant movement toward divorce of a yuppie couple.

Last Week Tonight (Sundays at 11) with John Oliver should be an amazing show tonight as Oliver will undoubtedly hilariously share his concerns regarding the upcoming term of office of President Trump.

Real Time with Bill Maher (Fridays at 10, but on hiatus now until January).  This past Friday’s show was Maher and his panel trying to deal with the aftermath of the election.  Worth a look on demand, but you’ll have to hold your breath until January when the show will return.


Masters of Sex (Sundays) is still following the career and lives of Masters and Johnson as they find themselves under siege from rival sex therapists who have stolen their methodologies.


Chance stars Hugh Laurie as a forensic psychiatrist who is drawn into a case by a mysterious femme fatale.

Amazon Prime

Goliath stars Billy Bob Thornton as a downfallen attorney who seizes a chance for redemption in going up against a behemoth corporation.


The Walking Dead (Sundays) is trying to vary its tone from the terribly sad and violent opening episode of this season. Harrowing and gruelling to watch, this post apocalyptic tale of zombies threatening what’s left of mankind is not for everyone. Having started this journey, and stuck with it for 6 seasons, I can’t look away until this terrible tale comes to an end.


Younger (Thursdays) is a great show about a 40 something woman masquerading as a 26 year old millennial in order to get a job in publishing. Great fun as it pokes fun at technology and the world of millennials. Sutton Foster is the lead and she is endearing.


Better Things (Thursdays) is a great series about a working actress in Hollywood who is also a single mom raising three daughters. Funny and touching. The great Celia Imrie plays the grandmother.


You’re the Worst (Wednesdays) is about mismatched hipsters in LA. It was wonderful and fresh when it started, but I have tired of it and don’t know how much longer I will hang in with it.


The Good Place (Thursdays) is delightful as it tells the story of a young woman who has mistakenly ended up in Heaven, when she really deserves to be in Hell.

Chicago Fire (Tuesdays) is my unabashedly guilty pleasure show. Hunky firemen and ridiculous subplots abound.

The Blacklist (Thursdays) has run around in circles re the lead character’s parentage. I don’t care anymore. Just give Tom his own show!!!  Now on hiatus until January.

Saturday Night Live (Saturdays at 11:30) has used Alec Baldwin to portray Donald Trump this season and he has done a great job. Dave Chappelle hosted last night’s show.


Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (Monday 10:30). Bee is wonderful at making devastating comments about the electoral process. Her post election special was full of her unyielding skepticism re the election results.

People of Earth (Tuesdays) debuted last week and is a hilarious sitcom about a support group for people who believe they are alien abductee survivors. Very cute.


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (nightly at 11:35) has been fabulous in the run-up to the election. Watching Colbert cope with the aftermath should be very entertaining.


The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (Mon-Thurs at 11:00) has also done a great job leading up to the election. His post election analysis should be interesting to watch.

The CW

Arrow (Wednesdays) has me hooked and I only have one explanation. Stephen Amell is the lead and he is deliciously Canadian.


Designated Survivor (Wednesdays) stars Kiefer Sutherland as a man who didn’t want to be President who has the job thrust upon him. Still intriguing.

Final Words

It has been a whirlwind 3 weeks here.  The weather has been amazingly sunny and hot.  This week promises to be fairly action packed: tonight we are headed to the beach for a neighbours’ sunset cocktails and appetizers; on Monday Mahjong continues; Tuesday I am playing my usual ladies’ day golf; on Wednesday we are participating in a Canadians only golf tournament and dinner; on Thursday there is a cocktail party being hosted at our glam clubhouse by a developer who is building a new gated community of high end housing in the middle of our golf course; on Friday we’ll be out to dinner with friends at a waterfront seafood eatery. Plus there’s a fitness class every day of the week!!  I think I’m going to need a break in Canada to get ready for Christmas.  Until next week, enjoy the seasonal weather wherever you are and if you have a chance (and have Netflix), take a look at The Crown as it will offer you 10 hours of escape from the anxiety of our times.





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