Tidying up before we go…

Three days to go before we fly home.  In that time, we are catching up with friends and neighbours before we lose touch with them.  I have two more golf games to go, a few exercise classes to attend and a refrigerator to empty out.  Hard work, but someone’s got to do it.  This past week we had the great pleasure of travelling up to Sarasota, Bradenton Beach and Longboat Key to reconnect with our Thornbury friends who assembled en masse just before American Thanksgiving.  We got to see the fabulous Ringling Museum and had a great golf day at the Longboat Key Club.  We celebrated our first American Thanksgiving in our new Golf Clubhouse.  Best turkey ever, but the political discussion got a little overheated and I found myself a bit uncomfortable as Trump supporters were under barrage by our table full of liberal minded Canadians.  It has been hard for our Canadian friends to see how much support there is for Trump here, when the promises he has made seem so intolerant and harsh regarding immigration, healthcare, the environment, support for NATO and foreign trade agreements, etc.  Everyone is trying to remain positive and hope for the best despite the daily announcements regarding cabinet and civil service appointments being filled by candidates with incredibly right wing views.  Sigh… we shall see what happens as time goes on.


The Crown has proven to be the perfect antidote to the Trumpocalypse.  If you haven’t watched this magnificent series yet, give it a try.  Here’s a link to a Toronto Star article that explains why watching this series is very therapeutic for you:



Hell or High Water is a modern day Western set in West Texas and starring Jeff Bridges as a small town sheriff on the trail of two bank robbing brothers.  Suspenseful and sad, this film shows a portion of the disenfranchised US working class who were so unhappy with the economy that they took desperate measures to improve their situation. Sound familiar?  The film has been hailed as a small masterpiece and is extremely touching.

Chance is the great new show on Hulu that stars Hugh Laurie as a forensic psychiatrist who is drawn into a film noir scenario by a sultry woman with whom he is infatuated.

Berlin Station is a new series on Epic that stars Richard Armitage as a British spy operating in contemporary Berlin.

The Kettering Incident is a New Zealand TV series set in Tasmania and London about a woman who has survived an alien abduction. Very dark and mysterious.


Search Party is a 20 episode comedy series about five self-absorbed 20-somethings who become entangled in an ominous mystery when a former college acquaintance suddenly disappears.  It is available in its entirety on demand here.

People of Earth (Tuesdays) is a delightful comedy series about alien abductees.


Good Behaviour (Tuesday) is a noir suspense series that stars Michelle Dockery as an exconvict who is forced to work for a contract killer in the south.  Who knew Lady Mary from Downton Abbey had such range?  She is incredibly convincing as a down on her luck gal from the backwoods of Tennessee.


Shooter (Tuesdays) stars Ryan Philippe as a former Marine sniper who has been framed for the assassination of a foreign leader.


Poldark (Sunday) is airing its last episode of the season tonight.  Set in Cornwall in the early 19th century, this former soldier tries to set things right in his ancestral home after he returns from military service.  Set in Cornwall and featuring lots of scenes of the tall, dark and handsome Aidan Turner riding his steed along the Cornwall cliffs while his tousled curls are gently tossed by the ocean breeze, this is one romantic period drama.


Westworld (Sunday) airs its last episode of the season tonight. It has gotten more and more bleak and mysterious as we find out what is really behind the robots’ rebellion.

Divorce (Sunday stars Sarah Jessica Parker) is a wry look at the conscious uncoupling of a suburban couple.


The Affair (Sunday) stars Dominic West as a writer who is drawn into an affair that wreaks havoc on the lives of everyone involved.

The CW

Crossover episodes of all the CW superhero shows air this week, especially my fave, Arrow. True confession, I am addicted to Arrow (Wednesday).  I love Stephen Amell’s character, his 5 o’clock shadow, his costume and his hilarious ability with a bow and arrow. This week Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and DC Heroes of Tomorrow all join forces to defeat alien invaders.  What could go wrong?


Gotham (Monday) is a close second in my guilty pleasure list.  I love Benjamin Mackenzie’s sad faced Inspector Jim Gordon and the depiction of young Batman.  Great fun.

Final Thoughts

We are off to golf with Thornbury friends in Bonita Springs tomorrow.  It has been an absolutely glorious fall here in South West Florida with hardly a drop of rain or an overcast sky.  Our beach walks and sunset cocktails will soon be replaced by cautious steps on icy sidewalks and nights spent warming ourselves by the fireplace in Thornbury.  We are looking forward to the Old Fashioned Thornbury Christmas celebrations and lots of get-togethers with family and friends in both Toronto and ski country. A fond farewell to all our friends here and we look forward to returning for our New Year’s celebration which will be spent watching the fireworks on the Naples beach from the comfort of our favourite restaurant in the dockside area.  To all our travelling friends over the next month, safe journeys.  To all our  northern friends and family, stay warm and we will see you soon!


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