Back to Paradise…

We arrived back in Naples very late on Friday.  Saturday was a blur as we ran errands and got ready for our New Year’s Eve guests.  New Year’s Eve was a lovely evening spent with good friends at our favourite Naples restaurant Blue Provence in the docks area. Today has been a day of catching up with some household chores and we got out for a little walk around our local birding area, Eagle Lakes.  It’s been a week of much visiting and very little TV, but I do have a few recommendations:

On the Big Screen

For some recommendations on upcoming films, here’s an article from the Globe with some recommendations:


Full Circle Miami is available in Toronto on Superchannel and I haven’t had a chance to find it yet here in Florida.  Based on screenplays by Neil Labute this is series told in 20 minute episodes and is a very dark miniature version of House of Cards as a presidential candidate finds himself deep in trouble when he wakes up beside a prostitute he has apparently beaten up.

The Hollars is wonderful film starring and directed by John Krasinski, and also stars Richard Jenkins, Margo Martindale, Anna Kendrick and Sharlto Copley. I adored this family drama about love and loss.

Good Behaviour is available on TNT in the US and I don’t believe it has aired yet in Canada. Great series starring Michelle Dockery (haughty Lady Mary from Downton Abbey) as a down on her luck grifter in the US South.  Dockery is amazing in this role and is capable of looking completely different with changes of hair and makeup.  Her southern accent is also pretty convincing.

Homeland Season 6 Episode 1 is currently streaming On Demand from Showtime in the US.  We are back on US home soil and there is a new female President Elect about to be inaugurated against a backdrop of homegrown terrorism.  Quinn is in a terrible way following his Berlin misadventures but Carrie is trying to look out for him.


Benedict Cumberbatch returns in Season 4 of Sherlock tonight.


The Affair continues tonight with Dominic West and Ruth Wilson.  Intrigue and heartbreak and it answers the question of whatever became of Brendan Fraser’s career.


While home in December, I binged on Kim’s Convenience and This Life, both great series on CBC. Catch up with them if you have a chance.


New series Ransom about a hostage negotiator begins tonight on CBS.

Closing Words

This should be an action packed week of getting back to fitness classes, participating in a series of golf clinics, and getting back to my regular golf games and mahjong ladies.  By the end of the week, we are setting off on a road trip to the Keys to visit Key West and some longtime friends.  The weather here has been glorious and we are looking forward to the next 3 months or so of getting back into our Florida routines.  It is also time to gear up for the  Academy Awards show on February 26, so there are many films to be watched over the next 8 weeks.


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